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ScreenHunter Pro 7.0.1243 (Demo)

1 year ago 101

A full-features screen capturing and recording software solution that helps you take screenshots of the desktop and create home videos or tutorials

What's new in ScreenHunter Pro 7.0.1243:

New - Creating date-based folders on the fly, with flexible options. If you capture images or record screens on a daily basis, using date-based folder names can help you keep your files organized. Quick icon to reset to 100% zoom on Image Editor toolbar New in Image Editor, Copy File Path to copy the full file path to the clipboard Fixed a bug when Start recording hotkey is pressed an extra screenshot is taken

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When you want to create a tutorial, using a feature-packed capturing software can help you save both time and energy. Such an exhaustive utility is ScreenHunter Pro.

Supports several types of captures

As soon as you run this app, a very compact window is displayed, thus making it possible for you to start capturing either a still image or a video with only a single mouse click.

You can also record your webcam stream, provided a compatible device is connected to the PC, or you can pick a color from your screen and copy its code to the clipboard.

A very nifty function allows you to draw on top of everything shown on your screen, then capture the result using the hotkey you yourself defined (alternatively, you can use the default one).

Includes a powerful image editor

Another useful feature of ScreenHunter Pro is that you can enhance the snapshot you have taken without needing to open a third-party application.

You can select areas of the image, crop it or resize it as you see fit, as well as insert numerous types of objects then adjust some of their settings. Due to the integrated preview, you can always tell if the result matches your expectations or if you would rather discard the changes and try again.

Export results to various formats

Depending on the type of capture you performed, you can export the file to an image (JPEG, PNG, PDF, GIF, BMP) or to a video (MP4 or FLV). The filename and the target folders can be modified to your liking, along with the video quality and frame rate.

To sum it up

All in all, ScreenHunter Pro is bound to impress you with its plethora of features and functions, especially since it can be operated even by those with very little computer skills.

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LIMITATIONS IN THE UNREGISTERED VERSION15-day trial (captures will be stamped afterwards) Nag screen

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