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Samurai Flash Mod APK 2.0.55 (Unlimited money)

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Ebony Lowe - 02/11/2021

Download Samurai Flash Mod APK Latest Version Free for Android. Avoid incoming fire and slash up anything that gets in your way.

Get ready to cut down anything that comes into your path. Download Samurai Flash for Android now. Run through different map while grasping 2 blades in your hands. As you run past enemies, you’ll slice and dice them in the process.


Work your way through various maps and levels, until you reach the boss. Take them down and proceed to continue on with your quest.

Do you want to become a part of the fun? Then download the game for your Android mobile device now.

How to Play Samurai Flash

The main objective of the Samurai Flash game is to reach the goal in once piece. However, this is not as easy as it sounds. There are a few obstacles in your way.

First, you will need to carefully navigate through the map. Each level has a specific design that can either and a benefit or hindrance to you. Some maps will have multiple layers and levels to them. Falling off a platform and into the bottomless pit will equal death,


Second, there are enemies waiting for you as well. These enemies may seem easy to cut down at first, but that won’t be the case as you progress. These opponents will be armed with guns, ninja stars, and even swords. Make sure to strike first. Otherwise, that’s another easy way for you to die.

Finally, at the end of a certain amount of levels, you will enter a boss fight. This boss will throw everything at you to keep you from the goal. You’ll need to cut them down to size in order to proceed.

Not all levels are cut from the same cloth (pun intended). Some maps are easier to play when compared to others. Meaning, you will need to be prepared for whatever challenges come your way.


Once you finish a level, you will be awarded money. Use this cash for more cosmetic items. These include more skins for your samurai and even different styles of swords to utilize. However, your skins cannot be unlocked instantly. You will need to progress through each level to eventually unlock each skin. This can be a grueling and tedious process.


Samurai Flash controls well. There is only one way to control your samurai, and that I through a simple gesture. Tap, hold, and drag your finger across the screen to move your character. In addition, they will attack on their own. Simply approach an enemy to cut them down. You won’t need to perform any extra actions in order to attack.


The game is displayed in a very blocky style. Everything is geometric and square. Which is not only funny to look at, but also simple enough for all players to enjoy and have fun. Anything too realistic can become scare to kids.

Samurai Flash Mod APK Free Download

Go one step beyond the traditional gameplay. Download the modified version in order to gain more benefits from this mod and slasher. You can also avoid a ton of time from grinding and repetitive gameplay.


You can achieve any of the following when downloading the Mod APK:

  • Unlimited money
  • No ads

Aside from these, you can also experience a quick installation from the file size. In addition, you won’t use any mobile data or much storage when playing. Download the modified APK version now! You won’t regret making the decision.

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