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Samepage 2021-10-22 Build 44938 (Freemium)

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Keep in touch with your team, create, assign and follow the progress of the tasks to be completed until the specified due date via this tool

Irrespective of your line of work, if you need to work as part of a team, then the importance of an efficient communication with your colleagues cannot be stressed enough. Samepage is a tool dedicated to enhancing not only the interactions of your team, but that also simplifies file sharing and ensures the information reaches everyone on time.

Seamlessly manage tasks and projects with your team

While the program comes with a sleek and fresh interface, you may be slightly confused about getting around at first. Nevertheless, you can get used to the slide menus and enjoy the extra space dedicated to viewing files, ideas and other data shared by the members of your team.

As a manager, you can easily create new tasks for your colleagues and even assign them on the spot. Whether you delegate it to one person or a group, you will be able to view all assignments in context with the other tasks to be completed in the calendar. Moreover, you should bear in mind that you can make edits and include report progress at any time.

Set and customize the deadlines and reminders

Depending on the urgency of the assignment, you can create special notifications for the priority tasks and recurring alerts for the recurring ones. In addition, if you are watching particular tasks, then you can configure the application to send notifications of the status as well as the comments that the assignees might have on the topic.

Speaking of priorities, all projects come with a bundle of tasks, some more urgent than others. Therefore, to make things simpler and more efficient, you can assign colors to tasks to indicate the groupings or indicate their urgency.

A handy application that can enhance team collaboration

All things considered, Samepage is a reliable utility that enables you to quickly create and edit tasks and projects while making brainstorming sessions and file sharing more convenient for the entire team.

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