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S.O.S. Security Suite (Donationware)

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A user-friendly application that helps you to get rid of Malware, Adware and Spyware, and also packs a powerful system cleanup and optimization module

Keeping the computer malware-free is by far the most important job for every PC user out there. And if you want to choose an alternative to all the popular security solutions out there you can try S.O.S. Security Suite.

Portable security app

Unlike all the full-fledged antivirus software, this one is not only smaller in size, but it is also portable, meaning that you can carry it on your USB removable device and run it whenever you want to work on a PC.

Shows system info

The main window displays a flurry of information about the current machine, such as the OS number and version currently installed, along with details about the CPU, the RAM or the graphics board.

You also get an overview on the security apps currently running on your PC, and the status of your HDD or SSD. At this point, you can apply several fixes, such as free storage space, enable the system restore, or update the OS.

In-depth analysis of the PC

When you want to assess the status of your computer, S.O.S. Security Suite can analyze it and display all the apps that are currently set to automatically launch when you start your PC, as well as multiple fixes that can boost the overall performance of your browsers.

To make sure malware cannot infect your machine, you can choose one or more of the available tweaks: empty temporary folders, run an SFC scan, repair Windows with DISM, reset the hosts file or the DNS settings.

Additional scan parameters can be adjusted as you see fit, for instance you can look for examine all detected PUPs (potentially unwanted programs) and autorun items.


To wrap it up, S.O.S. Security Suite might take a little bit getting used to, yet its plethora of functions make it worth your while.

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