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November 6, 2021 (40 seconds ago)
Horizon Games Inc.
Unlimited Money
Android 5.0

The gap between mobile games and PC games is getting shorter and shorter, as in this unique medieval role-playing game called Ryuko MOD APK.

Table of contents
  1. Introduce about Ryuko
    1. The story of revenge moves many people
    2. The protagonist has invincible strength and many other extraordinary abilities
    3. Gameplay
    4. Graphics and sound
  2. MOD APK version of Ryuko
    1. MOD feature
  3. Download Ryuko APK & MOD for Android

Introduce about Ryuko

A sobbing beautiful role-playing game with a heartwarming story!

Ryuko is published by Horizon Games, which is highly rated among mobile RPGs. Partly because of the exquisite graphics that feel no different from a PC game, partly because of the deep plot and engaging gameplay.

The story of revenge moves many people

Ryuko is set in the Medieval period of Japan, where dark forces bearing the name of nobility and aristocracy used their power to hide their crimes and blatantly create many misfortunes for the common people. Cruel wars took place all over this small country, everywhere was violence and resentment.

Ryuko for Android

In the Kurome region, there was an old Ninja clan. They were originally members of the Shadow Warriors. In addition to the surreal skills inherent in the Ninja lineage for decades, they also had the power to control the dark energy. But one day, disaster struck this beautiful land, the whole family was buried in the sea of ​​fire by the dark energy and the cruel forces of the cunning noble army. The only one left was a female ninja named Ryoko.

Determined to find out the truth of the matter, Ryuko did not hesitate to climb the pass and cross the stream and fight many enemies to find the mastermind behind everything. The entire story of the game, therefore, revolves around taking revenge and regaining honor for the clan of Ninja Ryuko.

The protagonist has invincible strength and many other extraordinary abilities

Not only related to politics and times, but Ryuko is also a story about magic and forces that are superior to humans.

One of those forces is Ryuko’s Ninja clan. Everyone in it has the ability to use dark energy. With a rare number of people who have reached the upper level like Ryuko, it is also possible to hold the dark energy in the right hand and make the darkness obey and become a weapon and strength for themselves. In addition, Ryuko can also use a variety of high-damage weapons such as the three legendary Katana(s), including katana, double katana, and large katana. In critical situations, she can use her energetic right arm to curse enemies, break dark seals and recruit enemies as soldiers under herd command.


On the way to avenge the family and search for the truth behind the crimes everywhere, Ryuko must constantly carry out bloody assassinations to overcome the ubiquitous dark army. The end of each level will be a battle with a strong monster from the dark legion. In many rounds later, the difficulty level increases gradually until you face the final Boss and find out the truth behind and why he slaughtered the whole family.


Most of the small monsters that Ryuko fights along the way were turned from people who had been infected with dark energy. They have completely lost their reason and conscience, are only fighting machines serving the dark purposes of the dark army. These monsters appear more and more each day. And at the same time, you also have to face the real soldiers and generals of the dark army. So, the secret to playing this game is to fight continuously with many different styles. From hand-to-hand combat to stealth, raid, and powerful sweep.

And of course, 3 Katanas and the ability to control darkness are not enough. You will also have other powerful weapons such as darts, bows, shotguns, and armors with an effective defense. All these items along with experience points will be increased and unlocked as you complete more and more difficult stages. Of course, how to use them, at what time, with what fighting style… are entirely up to the player.

During the battle, you can sometimes collect mysterious treasures from secret roads. These treasures always contain many items of high value that you really need. But they always come with a dangerous trap that sometimes you have to pay dearly to get.

Graphics and sound

It is not wrong to say that sophisticated 3D graphics are one of the treasures that make Ryuko’s success. Anyone who has played many role-playing games on mobile and PC will fall in love with Ryuko. The context of Japan is poetic and colorful with nature, the main character with long hair and a warrior-imbued outfit, and the dark legion in which each has a threatening look. All of this and the background story above will become a disaster if not accompanied by a worthy graphic. Ryuko has done a great job of leading players into the “maze of battle” with the first images. And I guarantee that sometimes you will be startled not to remember whether you are playing a mobile game or a PC game.

Ryuko APK download

In addition to the charming 3D scenery that received many compliments, the in-game map is also a pretty good thing. The map supports many teleportation points, allowing Ryuko to quickly go from one place to another without having to spend too much effort. And so, whether you are playing offline against the machine or playing online with others, the battle is always changing with many scenes so you can freely show off your talents.

Accompanying the impressive visuals is the memorable sound of the game. The space appears quiet, romantic, and melodious, yet full of swordplay drama. Sometimes the music is so sad that the player really gets into Ryuko’s tragic anger when remembering the whole family that passed away in the past. The visual and sound effects such as slashes, character’s and monster’s movements are done very well.

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