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Rust 1.56.0 / 1.57.0 Beta 2 (Apache License 2.0)

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A complex and advanced programming language which aims to provide users with a safe and concurrent method of developing their software

What's new in Rust 1.56.0:

Language: The 2021 Edition is now stable. See the edition guide for more details. The pattern in binding @ pattern can now also introduce new bindings. Union field access is permitted in const fn.

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Rust is a programming language that is under constant development, aimed to provide users with a reliable means of creating client / server software which works over the Internet.

The language uses curl-braces and block expressions in order to function, featuring a self-hosted compiler, rustc.exe, which uses Low Level Virtual Machine, or LLVM, as a backend.

Running the shell will reveal a large proportion of its features and options, explaining their functioning in brief for programmers to understand and figure out how to use.

Some of the available options include the ability to compile and assemble without linking items, adding a directory to the library search, outputting the crate ID then exiting, exporting the generated item to a user-defined filename or setting lint warnings, and countless others.

While it may bear a visual resemblance with the C family of languages, Rust works with significantly distinct syntax and semantics, meant to support both metaprogramming and generic programming.

Since the main focus of this language is safety, the features of Rust consists of the fact that is provides memory safety, which eliminates dangling pointers as well as buffer overuns, working with a static, linear system. In terms of concurrency, this language makes use of message passing tasks, thus not sharing memory.

Moreover, Rust resorts to higher-order functions, along with pattern matching through enums, while also relying on type-parametric functions, type classes – which allow for polymorphism, and Object Oriented Style interface.

Rust requires a solid background in programming, as it is not precisely the most user-friendly of languages, but it provides users with extensive documentation on it, meaning that motivated individuals will not have a difficult time in learning at least the basics of working with it.

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