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Updated on March 14, 2022

Rush Royale APK is a classic tower defense card strategy game. Because of combining so many things in one, this game brings an interesting experience that does not follow a specific standard. Those of you who want to try a strange game, download Rush Royale to play, you will like it.

Introduce about Rush Royale

A tower defense, card strategy, and role-playing game for unpredictable excitement


In the magical world, your beautiful green country is always the target of the gazes of your neighbors and the dark forces that co-exist.

To stop the enemy, you must start recruiting a general and call for more special talents such as Magicians, Archers, Warriors … to protect the country together.

Game mode

Rush Royale has two game modes in real-time: PvP against other players or Co-op to together fight the enemy.

In PvP, whoever defends faster and destroys all waves of enemies in each scene, will be the winner. In Co-op, when the enemy dies, your cooperative team wins.

Both of these game modes are nothing new, but they bring a strong sense of stimulation, much better than playing solo with NPCs. Having a companion or a competitor will make you focus on fighting and fight to the fullest.

My experience is we should play Co-op to get Mana faster. There are few cards so you can hardly have the ideal team. For newbies, pairing in PvP is still easy to lose, and co-op is still the safest.


The gameplay is quite clear from the first screen. You have the duty to protect the kingdom from the invasion and attack of all enemies. On your territory, you will mobilize troops, strengthen your army, and diversify your units. It is important to gather talented generals into your country to fight the enemy together. At the same time, it is necessary to continuously build defensive structures (fortresses) throughout the territory to stop the enemy.

During the battle, you must accumulate Mana points to have the opportunity to level up and increase the number of soldiers. Mana is also something for you to in turn recruit new generals. Only when there is a quality squad can the situation be bright. At first, when there are not many generals and the desired formation, it is quite risky.

In Rush Royale, the important heroes such as Magicians, Archers, Warriors … will act as fortresses to protect the territory and attack to repel foreign invaders. In other words, your heroes are the defense of the city, the important keys that determine the victory or defeat in the defense.

Later, the enemies become stronger, their waves appear denser and denser from more directions. You must use many different tactics, skillfully combine defense, attack, and anticipation. Remember to make the most of the special talents of your team. Mages can use spells and charms to attack from a distance. Archers can shoot. Warriors are unmatched in close combat. Monks can cover from the back, helping to revive dead allies. You should arrange the “towers” of these generals throughout the territory (decide who is in front, who is behind, to always have a solid backup). This is where your tactical talent shines.

One good thing about this n-in-1 game is that Bosses come in a variety of forms and skills. They can be strong with one strategy but weak with another. You must observe their weaknesses from the beginning to switch tactics accordingly. Flexible arrangement and freedom of control are also some of my favorite points in Rush Royale.

Note for newbies

At the beginning of the defense, each player’s territory will have 3×5 squares, corresponding to 15 cards. Initially, you will be given 100 free Mana to collect cards. Later, the more you fight and the more enemies you defeat, the more Mana will increase. The cards you summon will appear in random locations, even the card type is random.

If there are 2 similar generals on the territory, you can combine them into one to create a new higher-level card, of course, the detailed stats are higher than the old card. But I also advise not to rush to combine them. Because it is unlikely that the randomly generated soldier will suit your strategy. Only when there is no space in the territory or there are more than 3-4 cards of the same suit, should you merge them.

Download Rush Royale APK for Android

Rush Royale mixes a lot of things that create a whole amazing battle. Defending by collecting champion cards and then forming a blocking formation doesn’t seem as easy as you think because many other factors can affect you such as skills, generals, opponent’s weaknesses… But above all, the bold strategy spirit is what I appreciate in this game. Play long, play thoughtfully, and dig deep, the game will give you much fun different from many mobile tower games.

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