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Ruffle Nightly 2021-10-25 (Apache License 2.0)

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Run Flash content natively either on your computer's OS or directly on a website with the help of this nifty Flash Player emulator

Ruffle is an innovative, open-source, and very convenient-to-use Flash Player emulator coded in Rust by a community of passionate developers.

Since many websites are slowly but surely moving away from Flash content due to its somewhat questionable security, the project aims to help developers preserve useful web Flash content and even make it accessible to those who can no longer run the official Flash Player.

Ruffle is designed to run natively on all major OSes out there (Windows, macOS, and Linux, as well as Android and iOS), and on all modern web browsers (with the help of WebAssembly).

One of the best features of Ruffle is its flexibility. It's easy to use and install, and users can run it as a standalone desktop app, as well as install it in their web browsers, or directly on any website.

For more information on how to install Ruffle on a website or in a web browser, users can visit the dedicated Usage section on the project's official website.

To run Ruffle on a Windows computer, users need to simply run the executable file (.exe) and select the SWF file from its designated location. Alternatively, users can use the command-line by typing in either "ruffle filename.swf" or "ruffle https://example.com/filename.swf." To access a series of options, type "ruffle --help."

Contributions of any sort, including testing, sponsoring the product, or adding code are encouraged. For more information, users can visit the Get Involved section.

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