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November 24, 2021 (14 mins ago)
Unlimited Money
Android 4.1

If one day you can build your own super weird car and drive it around to explore a new land or even a new planet, how far do you think you can go? You will probably find the answer in Rovercraft APK.

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Introduce about Rovercraft

Make a unique off-road vehicle!


Rovercraft is a car design game combining off-road driving. Depending on how crazy you are when creating car models, you will become a steady racer over obstacles or quickly fall into a dead end when falling down a hole on the journey.

Two main activities in Rovercraft are: design your own car and drive it. So, you will spend a lot of time building your own car until you like it, then go on the race. Honestly, the time building the car for a science geek like me was even more fun than the driving part afterward.

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Driving your own car will be much more fun. If you only take care of the car without having the opportunity to experience it, then collect gold coins, buy new upgrade details, it is considered a waste. And if you just run the car all day to collect money, but don’t know what to use the money for, it’s also too much of a waste. So Rovercraft looks to be off to a rich and exciting start.

The game speed is not fast but moderate and true to the change of terrain. So, a not good physics simulation will be immediately exposed. But fortunately, the physics simulation in Rovercraft does quite well. The car has strong bounces, lurches when it has to climb uphill or shakes every moment when it is passing small obstacles one after another on the road. Then, when it can’t suffer, the car will slowly lower its head and fall into the cliff. All these details are well done, detailed, and very reasonable.

Travel across the galaxy

In addition, the process of off-road driving is also a time for you to explore and see the beautiful landscapes around the planet and strange lands that are covered with ice, slippery with lots of sand or green. Not only lands, but Rovercraft also has 14 different planets from the galaxy except Earth. They are Mercury, Venus, Mars, PSO318, Charon, Uranus, Neptune, Cyber931, Pandora, Polaris, Steamcraft, Enceladus, Comet… And on each planet, there is a lot to see.

And when you are releasing your soul on the beautiful surrounding background, your emotions may go up and down continuously when encountering obstacles on the road. They can be anything: a huge tree that you need to knock down to get through, a deep sandpit that if you’re not careful, you’ll fall into that pit, and lose the game. Sometimes it is a bunch of wooden crates, metal crates scattered on the road, or slippery snow hills that are always waiting to drag your car down the hole. You will both look at the scenery and think of ways to cross the road, so your whole mind will be focused on the game. That busy feeling will make you forget all the troubles around you.

Designing a strong, unique, and durable vehicle is not just a matter of assembling parts

At the beginning of the game, in the car design screen, Rovercraft divides the screen into 2 parts. The upper part is the 2D appearance of the vehicle with a direct view, divided into many small squares, each corresponding to the part currently on the vehicle. The lower part of the screen is the parts that are unlocked and can be used for car assembly.

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These parts are divided into several groups and each part can be customized in color. There are details for the car front, details for the body, controls, brakes, throttle, base, lights, and wheels… Initially, you have the basic details for each part, but over the course of the game, you can collect more gold coins, and more unique details will be unlocked. And the car upgrade, car design will be much more fun.

Later on, the results obtained will be more unique. You may see some car models weird like never and they rush on the race like crazy. However, there is also a situation where the car looks good but falls down the cliff so fast that it’s disappointing. Such constant elements of surprise make the process of playing Rovercraft bittersweet and crazy. It doesn’t take anything complicated but pushes the player’s mind so much, it’s really an art.

It is not enough just to assemble the part randomly. Later you will realize that good car design requires depth. For a vehicle to run and overcome obstacles well, it must combine many factors. And you absolutely can try and be wrong many times in this game. Make the combination of large wheels, small wheels; the combination of the bodywork of this material with that of other materials; pointed front; flat rear; more than 4 wheels…

Each combination will bring a different result with advantages and disadvantages. For example, having more wheels will help you overcome obstacles better, but it will consume more fuel. The majestic bodywork will better cope with large obstacles, but the running speed will be lower. Depending on the terrain, you can make many different designs.

Rovercraft MOD by APKMODY 1440x810

Thousands of unique details such as jet engines, reactors, super wheels, and many other upgrades… are present in the game that will immerse you in this great world of cars. Items can be purchased by coins, or you can spin the wheel of fortune to receive rewards.

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