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Ring 1.16 (MIT License)

8 months ago 23

An innovative and lightweight multi-paradigm language that has a lot to offer in what concerns application development on multiple operating systems

Ring is a resourceful multi-paradigm language that comes in a light package and might be of use to developers who want to create various types of applications for different operating systems.

A multi-paradigm programming language is more versatile than a one paradigm one, and being able to implement more features at the same time is always a plus. Ring supports paradigms like imperative, procedural, object-oriented, declarative, functional, as well as Meta and Natural Programming (NPL).

As for the NPL and Declarative Programming, Ring should be the language that provides better support. The support comes in the form of practical techniques that should make life easier for users who don't know or don't want to bother with the "Compile" or "Parsing" procedures.

Ring aims to offer a simpler and intuitive language focused on helping the developer with building natural interfaces and declarative DSLs (domain-specific language) in no time.

To sum it up, Ring can be of great help to developers who want to try a new programming language for their projects. It can come in handy to individuals or companies that plan to design top-notch solutions that can quickly evolve.

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