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RightFolder (Trial)

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This application is a simplified file sorting and media and document previewer. which features a multitude of tools for organizational purposes

Keeping a tidy file and folder structure on your PC can make a real difference for real-life applications, especially if you’re an avid data hoarder, which relishes collecting media of all sorts of formats. RightFolder is here to provide users with a simple yet capable tool that is meant to help them organize their files and directories, by either copying, moving, or previewing them with the built-in tools.

Minimalist interface that contains only the bare essentials for visualizing file information and previewing media

The application doesn’t impress in terms of design, but we believe that it features all the necessary tools for allowing users to browse, visualize metadata and actually preview media files.

A nifty built-in player, which supports a wide range of formats, will allow for easy preview, thanks to a series of playback commands. These, used in conjuncture with the resizable interface, multiple on-screen controls, and other elements, can provide good, reliable browsing capabilities.

Support for multiple instances makes life easier, as it enhances your organizational flow

If you’re running large amounts of data, numerous entries, and countless folders and directories, there’s a high chance, unless you’re extremely well-organized, to stumble at some point, due to too many aspects that need to be considered simultaneously.

In an attempt to offer aid for such situations and more, RightFolder comes prepared with the possibility to have multiple instances opened simultaneously, which we found to be quite useful, as it allows one to keep an eye on several files or directories, whilst maintaining an organized approach.

Basic file handler, which can be of real help when wanting to keep your data neat and organized

Give this app a try, if you seek a tool that can help you keep your files and folders under control, by organizing them from within a single, centralized tool that allows you to copy, move and preview multiple formats.

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