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RFS - Real Flight Simulator Mod APK 1.4.5 (All planes unlocked)

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Phil Castillo - 18/10/2021

Download RFS Real Flight Simulator Mod APK – Latest version – Free for Android if you want to experience the most complete and realistic flight simulation game ever! Can you fly the airplanes?

Planes are the fastest mode of transport worldwide. Through it, we can get to another place in minutes depending on the distance. And the pilot’s job is one of the most demanding but colorful jobs around. As kids, it’s natural to be curious as to what their job is and how they do it.


Now, you don’t need to stay curious anymore! Whether you’re an aspiring pilot or not, RFS Real Flight Simulator is the closest thing to flying you can do these days. This game was created by RORTOS which currently has a million downloads. Here, you can fly a plane with advanced controls. Everything from the flight plan to the complex controls – you have access! Fly tons of different planes now.

Fly Now, Play Later

There are a lot of mobile games that centers around airplanes in the mobile markets. However, not a lot of them offer the full comprehensive experience of flying one. Usually, we get common games that only allow you to press some buttons to fly.


But if you want the full experience, RFS Real Flight Simulator is the game for you! With over a million downloads, this game is proving to be the very best! Here, you can create complicated flight plans. There are also realistic night and day time cycles. Aside from that, there are over 40,000 flights each day! This real time traffic is from tons of airports wordwide. You can also play with other players and chat with them! Can you fly the airplane?

Features of RFS Real Flight Simulator

RFS Real Flight Simulator is a truly unique game that allows you to fly an airplane for real! Here are its features:

Realistic flying – The most common airplane games usually just include some buttons that you can push to fly. Even so, you wouldn’t get a real flying experience which is enough for some people. But for others that are looking for the ultimate experience, RFS Real Flight Simulator is the game for them! Here, you are literally given a realistic airplane experience complete with the controls you’ll need. From takeoff to landing – you will do it all! In this game, you’ll encounter real night and day cycles and you can also create complex flight plans. Aside from that, you can access tons of controls such as fuel, the cockpit and the entire plane!


Weather – We all know that flying a plane isn’t an easy task. It involves years of studying and experience. And one of the main things you need to watch out before and while flying is the weather. Here, you can get real weather to make the game as realistic as possible. This means you can get wind direction and speed, weather conditions and more!

Multiplayer – To make this game even more fun, you can play with a lot of other pilots! Here, you can communicate with other pilots and coordinate together. This is fun because these are real players worldwide! Anything is possible with this feature so you can enjoy the game to the fullest.

Graphics – In terms of graphics, everything in here is well-designed and in 3D. Here, you can enjoy a seamless cockpit view as well as outer views that will allow you to monitor your plane fully. Aside from that, you can enjoy the details that the developers have put in this game. Everything is well-made to give you the most seamless experience ever!


Advanced controls – Since this is a simulation game, you will need to at least have basic knowledge in order to play the game. This is because RFS Real Flight Simulator features advanced controls that are very similar to how airplanes are flown in real life.

RFS Real Flight Simulator Mod APK – All planes unlocked

RFS Real Flight Simulator is an over the top airplane simulation game that truly allows you to enjoy flying! Download the latest version now.

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