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Retail Barcode 4.9 (Shareware)

2 years ago 72

Manage the sales of small stores with this intuitive application that allows users to keep track of the purchases made by credit customers

What's new in Retail Barcode 4.9:

Fixed “Top Selling Products” Added “Delete” menu items Improved error messages Improved language files

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Retail Barcode is a lightweight application that can help users keep track of products sales. The tool allows one to define customers, as well as to link product credit sales to individual clients.

Ideal for small stores

The utility is valuable for anyone that is in the business of managing small shops. It is an ideal solution for small grocery shops that are faced with a wide variety of products that have to be processed. Shops that do no stock items with barcodes can circumvent this issue by simply creating a customized store code (e.g. 1, 2, 3 and so on).

Retail Barcode features a highly intuitive interface that is streamlined for an improved user-experience. Navigation is performed exclusively through large and self-explanatory buttons (e.g. “Products” or “Customers”). The program features a host of built-in interface layout options, which can suit most needs.

Can keep track of sales, once products have been defined

In order to record sales, one must first define products. This is performed manually, by inserting the product's barcode, name and price. Once this is performed, the program is ready to record regular sales. All users have to do is to select the given item and specify the quantity of items sold. The utility then automatically computes total sales.

Another method of operation is the “Sell by Credit” mode. This allows one to register product displacements that have not yet been paid for. Complementary to this method is the customer register. It allows store owners or cashiers to keep track of clients that purchase by credit.

Stores customers that purchase by credit

This module is a great method of keeping track of delayed transactions. Once a customer transfers the necessary sum, the balance is cleared. This means that all sales (by credit and by cash) can be processed with the same program. Sales totals for user-defined time intervals can also be generated.

To sum up, Retail Barcode is an effective sales tracking application that can be praised for its simplicity and ease of use.

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