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RescueTime (Trial)

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Keep track of your computer-based activity, organize it in various categories and monitor your goals by relying on this application

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Fix for Windows installations without administrator access

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If you are working on various projects or want to keep track of your computer activity, turning to third-party applications can be the most efficient course of action.

In the situation depicted above, RescueTime is one of the software solutions that can help you achieve quick, convenient results.

Activity monitor

RescueTime is a program that lets you record your computer-related activity and automatically organizes the collected data into various categories. It consists of a client component that you need to download and install on your computer and a web-based dashboard.

The client retrieves data about your activity and sends it to the panel, where you can access it with ease. You can also navigate to the dashboard or modify proxy settings from the client.

Dashboard and reports

After the client has recorded an appropriate amount of information, you can open the dashboard and visualize it. You can see how much time has been logged by choosing between the daily, weekly, monthly and yearly intervals. The main screen also shows a pie chart, how much your productivity has increased and activity categories along with their corresponding percentage.

It is possible to observe a highlight of your top activities, which displays the most used applications as well as the most visited websites for the selected interval. You can also view a list of reports regarding applications, websites, categories, productivity and goals.

Simple configuration menu

The client also provides you with a shortcut to RescueTime's privacy settings menu, which you can also access from the web-based component by browsing to the Account Settings section under your profile.

Here you can limit the time tracked by the client, toggle window and document title logging, choose to monitor only specific websites and ignore activities or adult sites.

Track your activities, view them and generate reports

All things considered, RescueTime is a reliable application that can help you monitor your activities, organize them and access relevant reports about them. It consists of a client and a web-based dashboard component and provides you with a handy configuration menu.

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