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Registry Finder (Freeware)

2 years ago 71

A simple to use utility that enables you to search through the Windows registry and view the returned results displayed in a list

What's new in Registry Finder

Added ability to change the type of a value. Suggested by «G~Lí†çh» User interface stays responsive while connecting to remote registry. Suggested by Pavel Novikov Fixed: When Registry Finder replaces regedit and third-party program tries to open regedit to a given key, Registry Finder ignores the key. Reported by Gary Shapiro Fixed: Searching in search results may not find all matches. Reported by amshevch

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Registry Finder is a reliable software that is capable of finding a particular keyword in the Windows registry and display all the matching entries. The application allows you to edit the string, modify an entry’s binary data or jump straight to RegEdit with one simple mouse click.

Displaying the results in a list

Registry Finder allows you to perform thorough searches through the Windows registry, in order to identify the desired string. The Windows registry is a basic system file, that acts as a database and stores essential information about your computer. Programs’ locations and shared DLLs, for instance, is the kind of data stored within the registry.

Registry Finder allows you to easily search through the registry, in order to find a particular application’s files, for example. Once the software returns the results, you can view the specific registry entries, values, data, size and creation time. Thus you may identify which parts of the registry contain information about a program you wish to completely delete or edit. This program is intuitive, straightforward, plus it does not require installation, which makes it a convenient tool for any user.

Searching options and editing strings

The software allows you to set searching parameters, such as whether to search through the entire registry or only through the selected key, focus the process on the keys, values or data. Moreover, you can enable the software to search only in hidden keys, match case or match the entire string.

Once the list is displayed, you can right-click on any entry, and edit the string, modify its binary data, jump to RegEdit, copy the data to clipboard or delete the record. Selecting the modify binary data option prompts a new window, that displays the binary version of the value column. You may view it in Byte, Word or Dword format.

Reliable tool that allows you to safely browse through the Windows registry

Generally, the managing the system registry implies advanced knowledge in the field, but with Registry Finder, you can easily search for a specific keyword without altering the data. Once you identify the desired item, you may modify its binary value or open it with RegEdit, but otherwise, the software only displays the registry keys.

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