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RegexBuddy 4.13.0 (Trial)

8 months ago 26

Discover how you can automate tedious tasks with regular expressions and quickly create regular expressions that match exactly what you want

What's new in RegexBuddy 4.13.0:

New features: Applications: C++Builder 11 Alexandria. Applications: Java 17. Applications: JavaScript supports named capture (added in ECMAScript 2018).

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Looking for specific text strings inside a document or performing search and replace tasks are quite common for users who handle documents on a regular basis.

Nonetheless, there are ways of finding data and making substitutions in a more advanced manner, by using regular expressions. Creating and testing these search patterns requires a specialized utility and RegexBuddy is one such tool.

Function-packed interface

After completing the setup and starting the application, you will surely notice the abundance of features that are ready to be used from the rather jam-packed GUI.

There are several areas in which the main window is divided, so there is plenty of space allocated to regex writing, history viewing and token explanation.

Useful tools and extended application support

There is a dedicated drop-down menu that allows the selection of the target apps and programming languages. If in the default list you fail to see the items you need, you should know these are but a fraction of the entire database, which can also be extended by adding new entries when you select the 'More applications and languages'.

In case you have a certain regular expression that you need to apply to a different programming language or app, there is a conversion feature at hand in the main menu of RegexBuddy. Testing and debugging are possible as well and you can save any regex you create in the library for using at a later time.

Comprehensive feature pack for advanced searches

All things considered, there is only one conclusion that can be drawn with regard to RegexBuddy, more precisely that it is very well prepared for putting together extensive regular expressions.

Best suited for advanced users, this software can certainly make the job much easier for those who need to carry out complex string matching tasks.

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