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Reed Barger – How To Build a YouTube Clone with React 2021-1

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How To Build a YouTube Clone with React is a 10-step tutorial on building a YouTube clone using React. During this course we will learn how to build powerful web applications using React and Node with a number of essential technologies.

What you will learn in the How To Build a YouTube Clone with React course:

Modeling of data and building our database Build authentication, video and user channels Protect authentication channels using middleware Build React user pages Add user authentication using Google OAuth Easy data retrieval using React Query Upload and play user videos Protect Auth commands using a dedicated hook Change user data channel Publish your app to the web

Course details:

Publisher: Reed Barger
Instructor: Reed Barger
Language: English
Number of courses: 67
Duration: 6 hours 29 minutes

Course Topics How To Build a YouTube Clone with React:

Final App Preview
Tools You Will Need
Recommended VSCode Setup
1. Get and run our project
2. Server code overview
3. Create Postgres database
4. Manage data directly with Prisma Studio
5. Create test route and controller
6. Create Google Login endpoint
7. Get current user with me endpoint
8. Signout by clearing our cookie
9. Get recommended videos
10. Create get video views utility function
11. Get trending videos by view count
12. Search videos by title or description
13. Create new videos, connect them to user
14. Add comments to videos
15. Delete comments from videos
16. Add video views
17. Toggle like and dislike videos
18. Get video by id
19. Delete videos and all relations
20. Get liked videos for user
21. Get user’s video history
22. Subscribe to users’ channels
23. Get user’s subscription feed
24. Search for users by username
25. Recommend channels to new users
26. Get user profile
27. Edit current user’s profile
28. Improve me endpoint
29. React app overview
30. Add global styles to React app
31. Create client routes
32. Add navigation links to navbars
33. Toggle navbar with custom hook
34. Add sign in with Google OAuth
35. Share user state with useAuth
36. Signout user from React
37. Fetch data performantly with react-query
38. Get recommended videos in home page
39. Create video card component
40. Handle video upload to Cloudinary
41. Add feedback with snackbar
42. Create video upload modal
43. Post uploaded video
44. Create Watch Video page
45. Display video comments
46. ​​Display Up Next videos
47. Like and dislike videos
48. Subscribe and unsubscribe to channels
49. Add comments to videos
50. Protect auth action with custom hook
51. Search for users and videos
52. Create trending videos page
53. Create subscriptions page
54. Create history page
55. Create liked videos page
56. Create library page
57. Create channel and my videos pages
58. Style channel page
59. Edit user profile
60. Delete comment from comment list
61. Delete video from our channel
62. Performance optimization with React
63 Handle app errors with error boundaries
64. Deploy to web with Heroku

Course prerequisites

Node installed on your computer. You can download Node at nodejs.org. Create React App requires a Node version of at least 10.
A package manager called npm. It is automatically included in your installation of Node. You need to have an npm version of at least 5.2.
A good code editor to work with our project files. I highly recommend using the Visual Studio Code editor. You can grab it at code.visualstudio.com.


Reed Barger - How To Build a YouTube Clone with React

How to Build a YouTube Clone with React Final Product Preview:

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