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Reed Barger – Build WhatsApp with React 2021-5

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Build WhatsApp with React is a course on coding and developing a full WhatsApp clone using React + Firebase. With the help of this course, you will learn high level skills while building an advanced React program.

What you will learn in the Build WhatsApp with React course:

Build serverless rejection programs with the help of Firebase Build a fully functional chat app using the Cloud Firestore Log this securely using third party authentication Build an effective user interface using Material UI Upload media + images with Firebase Storage Add full features using React Hooks Easy program management using useReducer and useContext Set up your app on Netlify

Course details:

Publisher: Reed Barger
Instructor:  Reed Barger
Language: English
Number of courses: 34
Duration: 3 hours and 57 minutes

Course Topics Build WhatsApp with React:

0. VSCode Setup for React (Optional)
1. Tools you need
2. Creating our React project
3. What is Firebase? Setting up Firebase
4. User authentication with Google Login
5. Fetch current user with useAuthState hook
6. Creating custom hook useAuthUser
7. Building Sidebar component
8. Adding routing with react-router-dom
9. Filling out Sidebar component
10. Creating Sidebar menu
11. Adding new public rooms
12. Fetching all rooms with useRooms
13. Displaying rooms in SidebarList
14. Fetching users with useUsers
15. Fetching all chats with useChats
16. Searching for users and rooms
17. Getting room data with useRoom
18. Build Chat component
19. Preview image to upload
20. Creating ChatFooter component
21. Sending text and image messages
22. Fetch chat messages with useChatMessages hook
23. Recording audio with JavaScript
24. Displaying the time recorded
25. Stopping audio recordings
26. Uploading audio to Firebase storage
27. Manually uploading audio files
28. Building AudioPlayer component
29. Loading audio files in AudioPlayer
30. Playing and pausing audio files
31. Displaying delete room option
32. Deleting rooms with cascade delete
33. Deploying our app to Netlify


Build WhatsApp with React

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