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Real Estate by HAR.com
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Real Estate by HAR.com APK is a specialized real estate application for the area of Texas, USA. Even if you are already a member of the Har.com website or have never visited the website or used their services, Real Estate by HAR.com is still a real estate application that you or anyone who comes to Texas should have.

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Introduce about Real Estate by HAR.com

A quick and detailed home search application in Texas, USA!

Real Estate by HAR.com is what, for whom, in which area?

Real Estate by HAR.com is for anyone who is looking to rent, buy, or post for sale/rent all kinds of real estate across the state of Texas, USA. Home search applications are not uncommon, especially in a modern country of millions of people like the US. But to find an app that has in-depth, effective, good consistency, and complete information, we must refer to an application for each smaller area. Real Estate by HAR.com is a typical real estate app for the state of Texas, where there are many people from many different countries, living in many cities, large areas, and houses.

An effective home search tool for people planning to live and work in Texas

First, let’s talk about the basic home search and trade features. In Real Estate by HAR.com, there are all the specialized tools for this main function: posting for sale/rent, renting/buying a house (or company/office/land/workshop). Users, depending on their needs, can search by any of these criteria: price range, the current state of the house, furniture available or not, near utilities or not, legal papers, the status of borrowing and repaying bank loans, location (in which city in the state), total area, the current status of the vicinity…

On each introduction page of each real estate, the app shows in great detail. Enough for you to sit from afar and still be able to see the whole scene and read all the detailed information about the product you are considering. In addition to the basic information (address, area, legal documents, price, description from the seller, pictures of the corners of the house, etc.), there is also the size of each room, the characteristics of the furniture, exterior of the house, opening schedule for visitors. Moreover, the number of images allowed in Real Estate by HAR.com is quite large, up to 50 photos, ensuring you can see almost every small area of ​​the house. This amount far exceeds what is allowed in other real estate applications.

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In addition to this basic filter, the app also offers some unique tools rarely found in real estate apps. It can be mentioned as the Find-a-house feature by driving time. As a result, users can confidently find houses and apartments for sale or rent with the most suitable travel time to work for them.

You can also view Advanced Maps with Street View, to see the areas around your home with a bird’s-eye view of 3D maps or normal 2D maps with detailed notes for each street name, street corner, supermarket, restaurant, shop, etc.

Users can freely mark a list of favorite products, then quickly share them with friends and family if they need information or simply share their first thoughts about the new house.

After a few times of using Search and filters to search for homes by different criteria, the app will use the built-in AI to save these criteria so that the next time the list of more suitable offers is displayed. Also, when homes that match these criteria have any new moves, you’ll receive specific email notifications to consider more.

Once you’ve chosen a home you’re interested in, you can instantly save the advertiser’s contact information. You can chat directly, connect with them via the app for more information.

Real Estate by HAR.com is currently the hottest real estate app in Texas. It owns more than 8 million Texas properties, including exclusive properties that are not currently listed for sale on other sites or are not actually listed for rent/sale outside.

In addition, Real Estate by HAR.com also helps any user to quickly access the Tax File Report, which allows agents to report Market Analysis, quickly compare properties with the same search criteria, and provide the Tax calculation feature for users when they have selected a home and make a request for payment time.

If you are looking for a home in Texas to live or work for a short time, Real Estate by HAR.com is the first application to try. Detailed, wide database, highly practical features, it will save you a lot of time with a more accurate search.

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