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RawPreviewExtractor 0.2.0 Build 12 (Freeware)

8 months ago 26

A handy tool to extract the JPEG previews in raw images, providing support for batch operations and automatic renaming capabilities

What's new in RawPreviewExtractor 0.2.0 Build 12:

Minimal EXIF block with Orientation tag created to handle portrait orientation

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The photos you take with your digital camera are saved as RAW files in different formats, depending on the model of your equipment. Aside from usually being large in size and, therefore difficult to share, these files are not supported by common image viewers and a dedicated tool must be used to preview the photos. That is way an application such as RawPreviewExtractor really comes in handy to all photographers and not only.   Convert RAW files to JPEG

What RawPreviewExtractor actually does is extract the JPEG preview inside a RAW image file and save the output as, you guessed correctly, a plain JPEG image, which can be shared and opened much easier. In other words, this application is actually an image converter that supports raw images as input and outputs JPEG files.

Duplicate management and file renaming 

As expected from such a utility, using it is quite simple and should pose no issues at all, regardless of your previous experience with a computer. In short, you select the input and the output locations and press a button to start the conversion.

RawPreviewExtractor can process individual RAW images, but it also allows you to select a folder and leave the rest for it to handle. All the compatible photos are grabbed automatically and a small window is displayed, allowing you to choose which files to convert.

By default, RawPreviewExtractor saves the JPEG previews in the location of the original raw images, but you can also select an output folder. It features file overwriting options and it comes with automatic renaming capabilities, all to make it easier for you to manage large collections of raw files.

Please keep in mind that only JPEG previews are extracted, as other formats are not supported by this application. On the other hand, if the input file lacks embedded previews, nothing is extracted.

 Extract JPEG images from RAW files 

RawPreviewExtractor is a handy tool to have around, especially since it features batch processing and a few options to help you handle duplicates and file renaming. While extracting JPEG previews can also be done with a much more advanced image viewer and editor, this simple application might be everything you need when you need a quick solution.

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