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rav1e 0.4.1 / 20211026 Pre-release / 0.5.0 Beta 2 (BSD License)

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A fast and reliable AV1 encoder for Windows that features switch, intra and inter frames, customizable encoding speed, still picture mode and more

Based on libaom, rav1e provides developers with a powerful AV1 encoder whose purpose is to provide faster processing speed and multiple customization options for quick and easy encoding.

The encoder is available as a console application and a Windows SDK. In the following, we will describe a few of the most important options available as extra arguments for the command prompt tool. To see all the description of all the arguments described in detail, you can run the “--fullhelp” option.

Single and multi-pass encoding 

rav1e features inter, intra and switch frames, with customizable keyframe interval. You can easily set the threadpool size and specify the number of tile rows, columns and tiles. The pixel range is customizable and so are the frame rate, the bitrate and the time scale.

rav1e features both constant quantizer and target bitrate encoding modes, with both single and mullti-pass encoding. In the first pass of a two-pass encoding operation, the data is saved to a specified file, ready for future passes. In the second pass, the input data is a file previously saved in the first pass.

Find the perfect balance between speed and quality 

The processing speed level can be changed to whatever is convenient to you in a range from o to 10, but keep in mind that the maximum and the minimum values are generally not recommended. The lower the speed (closer to the value of 0), the higher the quality. You can also tune the quality by choosing between PSNR and Phychovisual.

The number of frames to encode can be limited. rav1e supports 8-, 10- and 12-bit depth color and comes with various chroma sampling options.

Console-based AV1 encoder 

rav1e brings to the table a console-based AV1 video encoder that comes with a wide range of customizable options, ready to help you process your video files at high speed. With various prediction and encoding modes, customizable parameters and still picture mode, it provides a faster encoder for AV1 videos that can also be integrated within your own application, due to its console-based interface.

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