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Ragnarok: Battle Academy

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December 13, 2021 (16 mins ago)
Ragnarok: Battle Academy

Ragnarok: Battle Academy APK is an action game from the publisher Electronics Extreme Limited. This game has both the inherent combat role-playing style of Ragnarok and the mortal battle royale battlefield.

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Introduce aboutRagnarok: Battle Academy

The arena of Norse mythology is intense but also extremely attractive!

When it comes to the Ragnarok (sunset of the gods) movie series, it’s no wonder that people who love animation and games are not strange. A series of games on multiple platforms have been made around these dark disaster events. The setting of Norse mythology with the presence of many gods and a series of disasters like in the book of Revelation is an endless source of inspiration for both the original animated series and the games developed with this idea. And if you’ve ever been immersed in the tragic world of volcanic eruptions, earthquakes that tore through the world, and both the earth and the sky submerged in a constant flood, you will never forget the endless intense scene unfolding before your eyes.

Most of the games with the Ragnarok series are heavily mythical and often in the combat role-playing genre. But there is a rather strange game, like a prodigal son, different from the games you have ever known. It’s both constructive, with hundreds of subversive fights, and a battle royale genre where there’s only one survivor. It’s Ragnarok: Battle Academy.


In Ragnarok: Battle Academy, you will play as one of the Norse gods, begin to search for equipment and weapons, learn to upgrade your skills to become the last surviving god in the fight with nature and the surrounded dark factions.

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When I first heard about Ragnarok: Battle Academy and its strange gameplay, I was a bit skeptical. The story itself and the general idea of ​​the Ragnarok series are inherently incompatible (and unrelated) to the battle royale style.

But when I tried to play it, I found it very reasonable and extremely attractive

Because of knowing the relationship is not very attached, the producer Ragnarok: Battle Academy also does not go into details of the plot or familiar details as you have known through the movies of the same name. Instead, the game emphasizes role-playing, adventure journeys through strange lands, conversations with NPCs (or other players) that result in a one-on-one battle.


The role-playing character in Ragnarok: Battle Academy is very clear. You are free to choose your favorite character from the start, live your own life and develop the way you want. In addition to fighting, each character also has many other side activities to gradually improve skills before officially entering the battle for survival. The entire training process in Midgard is as stressful as other fighting RPGs.

At this initial step, every player has almost nothing. You don’t have any skills or equipment. Items are nothing but a few basic items. Through the process of performing tasks, completing all the challenges assigned by the game, you will accumulate experience points and raise your stats gradually.

When you have enough experience to go into the big match, you will begin to choose your own game mode. There are options for Squad mode and Solo mode. The current largest scale of Ragnarok: Battle Academy has up to 59 players. Either way, you will be present in the mortal arena. The main task is to kill monsters, unlock skills and upgrade yourself through battle rounds. Along the way, you’ll have to win every weapon and equipment and even save your life, destroy other players before they died. Over time, the number of surviving players is less, the map of the bow war becomes smaller. In the end, the only person or group alive will be the glorious victor.

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In both the training phase and the combat phase as a true warrior, you have to show your tactical mind sharp. Not to mention, if you play Squad mode, you also have to learn how to coordinate and unite with your teammates. The process of fighting not only happens between players, but sometimes the game also takes a few violent bosses on the battlefield. If you are lucky enough to encounter and win them, you will have the opportunity to collect rare items or a super-powerful weapon.

Depending on the character class you choose from the beginning (archer, warrior, or swordsman…) you will need to collect appropriate items to improve your fighting ability. When upgrading, each profession is divided into many separate branches, not bound in a single direction. When playing, you can also change characters in both solo and squad modes like switching from ranged attack to melee, switching from defense to attack. This role-playing yet versatile feature gives the player complete control over any situation. If you have good vision and strategic ability, you can even turn defeat into victory thanks to this special role-playing ability of Ragnarok: Battle Academy.

Lots of cool stuff around the characters

All mythical characters in Ragnarok: Battle Academy are designed in 3D chibi style. So from the beginning, it felt quite close, a bit cute, and very lively. A very different feel from other Ragnarok series games.

Activities on the sidelines of exchange, chat and emotional exchange in Ragnarok: Battle Academy thanks to flexible and lovely graphics, so it happens very naturally and comfortably. It is easy to feel relaxed even amid a battle. That’s the strange thing that a game that combines many genres and slightly heavy topics like Ragnarok: Battle Academy can do than other games.

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The fact that the characters are equipped with customized equipment and costumes also helps you enjoy many different interesting looks of the character you are choosing. Compared to a battle royale fighting game, this fun feature is a breath of fresh air for players.

Download Ragnarok: Battle Academy APK for Android

In short, Ragnarok: Battle Academy adapts the Ragnarok series but combines adventure role-playing and battle royale, and strangely many new role-playing mechanics, much more adorable with the costume change for the character. This game is very worth playing, let’s download and play this game right away.

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