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QnE Companion 1.07 (Trial)

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A suite of tools ready to help you boost your productivity: a clipboard manager, a screen capturing tool, an icon companion and a program launcher

QnE Companion provides users with a suite of tools designed to improve your productivity.  The suite includes a clipboard manager, a snapshot taking tool, a desktop icon software tool and a desktop launcher, all working together to help you stay focused and carry out tasks more efficiently.   Access via the Windows taskbar or a floating window

All the tools in the QnE Companion suite are conveniently accessed via the Windows taskbar. Each has its own icon, visible near the system tray. Alternatively, you can open them the usual way, using traditional shortcuts or the so-called desktop companion, a floating window that can be placed on the desktop to open all the other tools included in the suite.

Includes a handy clipboard manager 

QnE Companion comes with its own clipboard management tool, designed to enhance the limited functionality of the Windows clipboard. The QnE Clipboard Companion captures the clipboard content automatically, storing it in the dedicated area, be it a text piece, an image, a file or other elements. With its help, you can keep a history of the clipboard entries and reuse any previously copied text or item.

Aside from the default categories, QnE Clipboard Companion enables you to create new categories of your own. It comes with advanced search and filtering capabilities, allowing you to look for an item in a large clipboard database.

A screen capture tool and a desktop launcher 

The QnE Screen Capture is a multi-monitor snapshot tool that you can use to take screenshots, either of the entire screen or just specific sections of it. While it doesn’t cover the entire feature set of applications in this category, it does come with a decent set of tools to help you save snapshots locally.

Thanks to the icon companion, you can save and load icon location files, while the QnE Launcher displays a simple popup menu that allows you to run applications, open folders or documents without navigating to the start menu or the Windows Explorer.

A multi-tool productivity suite 

QnE Companion includes some of the applications that regular computer users have come to enjoy most. The clipboard manager implements a multiple clipboard, the snapshot tool allows you to save screenshots, and the launcher allows you to quickly access favorite locations or programs. You will just have to give it a try to decide whether it is fit for your working style or not.

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