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Q-Dir Portable 9.96 (Donationware)

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Access up to four directories at once and quickly transfer files between them using drag and drop, manage their contents and export folder information

What's new in Q-Dir Portable 9.96:

Small corrections in the File Explorer address bars Important update of the language files Other small improvements for Windows 11 and 10

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Q-Dir Portable is the portable counterpart of Q-Dir and it packs the same plethora of features, without requiring you to actually install the application to your computer.

Quad-panel file explorer

What sets Q-Dir Portable apart from other file managers is that it comes with four separate panels, thus offering you the possibility to get a bird's eye view over multiple folders at the same time. You can also choose the layout for these tabs, depending on your requirements.

This way, you can easily copy or move items from one place to the other (via drag and drop), as well as quickly search for a chosen file or copy a file path with only a few mouse clicks.

There are several operations you can perform with these open tabs, such as close all the others except the current one, duplicate or restore tab, open in a new tab or create a new tab.

Supports customization options

There are several methods you can turn to when you want to personalize Q-Dir Portable. For example, you can activate the color filter then choose which color should be associated with a certain file type (you can disable this filter for the extensions you do not frequently work with) - this process makes them more visible and easier to find.

You can switch between classic and modern address bar, as well as select which of the directories should be marked as Favorites.

Another handy feature is that you can export a list with all the items in a certain panel and save it as TXT, CSV, HTML, XLS or DOC, so you can analyze or compare them at a later time.


All in all, even though Q-Dir Portable might seem a little overwhelming at first, due to its many available tabs, you can easily make the most of it and adjust it to your necessities without too much hassle.

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