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PyQt 5.15.5 (GPLv3)

9 months ago 31

A collection of development utilities that provides programmers with all the flexibility and strength of Qt combined with the simplicity of Python

What's new in PyQt 5.15.5:

Added the missing QPdfWriter.setPageSize() overload. pylupdate5 now assumes that the default codec is UTF-8 and specifies v2.1 as the .ts file format.

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PyQt is a software utility packing a series of Python v2 as well as v3 bindings aimed at The Qt Company’s Qt app framework and containing approximately 1,000 classes.

Interpreting the Python language cross-platform, PyQt provides developers with various goodies brought about by the Qt C++ application framework. As such, what it aims is ensure a balance between the advanced capabilities of Qt and the straightforwardness of Python.

Featuring a multitude of components and Python extension modules, PyQt5 comprises various plugins whose purpose is to allows Qt Designed and qmlscene to be extended by means of Python code.

Aside from that, it is important to point out that utility programs such as pyuic5, pyrcc5, and pylupdate5 are integrated into PyQt5, along with a significant number of examples you can use as a starting point.

As for PyQt4, users may want to know that pyuic4, pyrcc4, and pylupdate4 are the utility programs it includes. Regarding the components and extension modules it puts at your disposal, you should know they their array is quite wide. As such, you should find installed in the PyQt4 package anything ranging from QtCode, QtGui, QtHelp, and QtTest, to QtXml, QtMultimedia, Dbus support module, uic, and many others.

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