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Purrfect Tale

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Updated on March 28, 2022

Purrfect Tale APK is a visual novel game with simple gameplay, published by BadMouse. This is a rather strange name for the gaming community. And it looks like this is their debut game as well. In this article, let’s learn more about this game.

Introduce about Purrfect Tale

I think this game is very suitable for women. Throughout Purrfect Tale is the romantic love story of a school-age girl with a cat. Sounds strange right? And more interestingly, the plot can develop in many different directions.

The story

The main character of Purrfect Tale is a girl. After waking up one night, she suddenly realized that she was back in school age. In other words, she went back in time to the past, back to a time of “difficulty breathing” with the pressure of studying. The amount of knowledge that had to be loaded into her head every day made her brain overload. However, one thing has changed from before. It was she who met a feral cat. Surprisingly, the cat turned into a boy around her age. Whether she wants to live with the boy and build a warm house together depends on the player’s decision.


Purrfect Tale has a gameplay quite similar to dating simulation games. Your choices will write the story of the game. You could call the game an Interact Comics. Your task is to enjoy the story and make your choices. Besides, sometimes you can transform into the main character.

Everyone said that the student days were naughty and disruptive. So does our main character. Sometimes, during class, she also pulls out her phone to surf the web, read stories during class, sleep during class… And now, the game has turned into tap games, you need to help her surf, read story… without being discovered by the teacher. If discovered, of course you helped her to go to the principal’s office to “talk about tea”. If you are arrested many times, your mother will be summoned to report the situation. That’s it, be careful!

Decorate house

In the game, you can own your own house. Players can freely decorate, buy furniture and items for pets. That house has a small garden where you can plant trees and bask in the sun in your spare time.

Play with pets

Besides the cat boy you raise, you can also raise other cats or normal dogs. In your free time you can play with them. The main purpose is for the boy to have more friends to play with while she goes to school or work.

Gradually, the girl grew up and was able to live independently from her mother. The cat boy is also an adult now. She had a boyfriend living in her new house. The cat also has to go to work to help and wants to be a mature person the girl can rely on. Every day, you can text and exchange with your cat to share the stress in life. This feature makes you feel like you are part of the story.

Collect decorations

Purrfect Tale has a lot of beauty items for you to get creative with. Not only home decorations but also extremely cute outfits. You can buy pairings, cosplay items to try on yourself or your pet cat. Besides, there are also many other ways to earn in-game items such as watching ads. This is also a form to support the developer.


As mentioned at the beginning of the article, the audience they target is female, so the game’s graphics are designed in a cute style. Therefore, the developer must design items, characters, landscapes… so that they are cutest to attract players.

But there is a minus point is that the music in the game is quite poor and they are repeated many times. With games like this, background music is an important factor to create a sense of excitement for players.

Download Purrfect Tale APK for Android

Looking at the overview from the plot, gameplay to the graphics, I think the game is very good. However, the game was not appreciated at all. Maybe because this is a new developer and do not understand the psychology of players. For those who play mobile games, they hate the game with too many ads. As for the story, every day you have a certain number of hearts. This is an item for you to continue the story.

The number of hearts is quite small, so many people have to watch a lot of ads if they want to continue playing. In addition, many of the items that you can only acquire by viewing ads. However, overall, it’s quite fun and well worth the experience.

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