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Portable WinSCP 5.19.4 (Donationware)

9 months ago 33

This is a portable application for moving files via FTP, SFTP, SCP and other similar transfer protocols between local and remote computers

What's new in Portable WinSCP 5.19.4:

Translation updated: Hungarian. Showing release date on the About dialog. Support for custom certificate store files. 2034 Allow other 2xx responses to PWD command, not only the standard 257. 1768

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If you thought WinSCP was an app to write home about, then you'll be even more thrilled by its portable counterpart. All the perks of this open-source file manager and wireless transfer utility become portable in order to be carried on a stick by any user out there. This means it will be easier to transfer files between two computers, simply on the spot. No need to install or fulfill any other prerequisites.

Simple, easy-to-get layout

The best part about this application, like in the case of its installed version, is the interface. It's easy to understand which computer is which, what you have to transfer, and where you have to paste the file in order for the action to start happening. One can manage multiple transfer sessions and any aid one might require can easily be found in one of the many drop-down sections in the upper window ribbon. The portability of the app basically means it will save info to a config file instead of registry keys.

Plenty of functionality

Not only does one get a wireless-transferring tool or file manager, but also a text editor for those last-minute changes. Scripting features are also included for the more advanced users. If you're keen on using PuTTY, you'll be happy to find out that this app shares info with the aforementioned app. The same goes for its authentication agent. In terms of transfer protocols, one can make use of FTP, SFTP, SCP, WebDAV, and S3 protocols, more than enough for any type of user out there.

Thus, whether or not you're into transferring files wirelessly, you'll be happy to know that it's also achievable now via a portable app, which in the end means less time spent on configuring the right options or settings and more on actually transferring important files and documents between two or more computers.

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