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Portable Volume2 / Beta (Donationware)

8 months ago 18

Perform volume control tasks and adjust sounds preferences with minimal effort, thanks to this user-friendly and practical piece of software

What's new in Portable Volume2 Beta:

Multiple alternative devices can be used in Hotkeys Added possibility to control alternate device from command line (parameter ALTDEVICE) Fixed change volume for main audio device from command line

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Portable Volume2 is a program designed to replace your standard Windows Volume Control. The application enables you to control the sound volume by rotating the mouse wheel or by using some keyboard shortcuts.

The software comes with a nice interface that can only be seen when the sound levels are changed. You can choose one of the three OSD (On Screen Display) skins and adjust the place where it displays.

The default audio device can be assigned, while the channel balance can be adjusted. Also, the mouse buttons can be set to complete various actions.

If you click on the system tray icon you can open the standard sound regulator, the playback devices, mute on/off, display program options, the volume mixer and the system regulator. The actions recognized by the software are one or two left-button clicks and one middle button click.

Furthermore, you can choose one of the many options that enable you to control the sound levels.

Since the sound volume can be adjusted by rotating your mouse wheel, active zones on your screen can be activated to trigger these actions. You can opt for the icon in the notification area, the taskbar, tray, the window caption, desktop, OSD window or anywhere on the screen.

Furthermore, you can also adjust the volume by moving the mouse along the screen edge. In order to do this, the option needs to be activated from the app’s settings menu.

Additional keyboard shortcuts can be assigned. Also, the multimedia buttons on your keyboard blend in with the other options provided by this software. Portable Volume2 can also act as a scheduler. The software can be programmed to adjust the volume, run an app, fiddle with the brightness and balance or display a message.

All in all, Portable Volume2 is a great utility that can enhance your regular sound control experience. The software’s menus are intuitive and adjusting everything to your own needs is a job that doesn’t require extensive experience with similar apps.

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