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Portable Skipper / Beta (Trial)

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Visualize, manage and define your database model using ORM framework, due to this straightforward and efficient software solution

What's new in Portable Skipper Beta:

Added UTC datetime to migration file header (New!) Added import for comments of Tables and column from PostgreSql database (New!) Improved database import logic for multiple associations between two same tables. Owner and Inverse alias is created also by reference colum name, not only table name Laravel: Added onDelete/onUpdate property for Many-to-Many relationshit

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Portable Skipper is a comprehensive and reliable environment for software developers, that enables them to create plugins and structures using powerful tools. The software is GUI-based and allows you to create entities and relations in a friendly workspace. It can assist you in creating database structures and export the schema definition files.

Visual workspace

With Portable Skipper, you can build multiple-instance projects, while focusing on the modeling instead of the source code scripts. You can easily define your schema using the default ERD models or let the software automatically generate the schema definitions, based on the existing relations.

You may generate new plugins, new regions, fields or comments, then connect them using the integrated association algorithms. The software supports many types of associations, such as owner/inverse entity, many-to-many or inheritance, which describes a parent-child type of connection.

Easily manageable entity editor

The software allows you to quickly manage the structure of each entity, as well as its supported content, with the help of the dedicated tool. The Entity Editor is a pop-up window that enables you to modify an entity’s name, fields, indexes, associations, appearance or existing inheritance relations.

You may easily modify the available fields or create new ones, by specifying their name, type, size and attributes. A field may support boolean, integer, binary, float, string or custom type of characters and data. The software enables you to export the finished model to ORM schema definition files. Additionally, you may store the project settings to the project file, for further editing or export them to an external backup file, in the same framework format as the base project.

Reliable model building environment

Portable Skipper enables you to create multiple projects, based on several types of ORM frameworks, including CakePhp, Doctrine ORM, Doctrine2 ORM and Propel ORM. Each framework enables you to visualize the process of model development and easily customize any instance, entity or association. Thus, the software enables you to speed up the model building process and save time.

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