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Portable Multi Commander 11.4.0 Build 2831 (Donationware)

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A powerful file explorer that allows users to browse through and manage the contents of their drives with ease, along with packing several other important utilities

What's new in Portable Multi Commander 11.4.0 Build 2831:

ADDED - MultiScript function "GetApplicationArch()" that return the Application architecture 32 or 64 ADDED - MultiScript function "GetSystemArch()" that return the OS architecture 32 or 64 CHANGE- Ignore case is on by default for find content search FIXED - Filter/Advanced search option for matching extneded attributes like Symlink/Junction

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When it comes to managing your files and folders, Windows offers enough features to keep you occupied. The learning curve is pretty forgiving, and it's understandable why users would be fine with the functionality on offer. But given how expansive an OS is, there's always the option to delve deeper.

The use of file managers is pretty clear-cut: you can view the contents on your machine in a more centralized, tight-knit manner, thus granting you the ability to be more orderly. In that sense, Portable Multi Commander affords you that option and then some.

See and manage it all

With Multi Commander, there's a lot to see and do. The dual-panel user interface allows for deeper control over your files, which you can take advantage of in order to view two directories at once.

Aside from the dual-panel layout immediately observable at first glance, there's a menu at the bottom housing tasks which often require more than one input. Through that menu, you can hide folders, executables, DLLs, and even select only a certain type of file for easier transferring — for instance, selecting only images.

A file manager...and more

The app can display the contents of your drives, but it can also help you manage your registry directly from within. All you have to do is open the disk menu and the registry overview option will appear.

Other useful options available to users include the ability to copy a file or folder path to clipboard, open .zip and .rar files directly from the app, plus a variety of shortcuts to important system functions by way of the "Tools" menu. 

Users can access Control Panel settings directly from that menu, among other things: batch procession capabilities for renaming files and converting several images, and a clipboard option that saves a file — image or text — based on the last stored element.

In conclusion

Multi Commander is a versatile app — there's no shortage of features it puts at your disposal, and even though it's meant for power users, it can accommodate casual users just as well.

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