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Portable FTP Rush 3.4.5 (Freeware)

6 months ago 25

A handy FTP client for fast file transfers which can be run on virtually any system and customized to meet your day to day needs

What's new in Portable FTP Rush 3.4.5:

Improvement - Improve WebDAV protocol compatibility. Improvement - Change the default config files directory to ~/.config/FTPRush(Linux and MacOS) Improvement - Navigation via TAB Button between the Local/Server windows. Improvement - Fixed some GUI bugs.

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Portable FTP Rush provides a straightforward FTP client that can be used for transferring files from and to an FTP server. It is the install-free counterpart of the FTP Rush application, which can be used on the go and launched from any portable device, such as a flash drive.

Dual-pane FTP client with an integrated site manager 

With a straightforward double-sided layout, this FTP client is extremely comfortable to work with. One of the panels is dedicated to the remote connections, while the other hosts a local file explorer. But this is only the default view, as Portable FTP Rush allows you to switch any of the panels and use it as if it were a standard file manager.

It is worth noting that Portable FTP Rush supports multiple concurrent connections to FTP, TFTP and SFTP servers, creating a new tab for each, as it usually happens with software tools in this category.  The built-in site manager can keep records of all your connections and servers, organizing them in different folders. Information about the host names and the credentials are remembered for you to quickly initiate a connection when needed.

Create an upload queue for multiple files 

There are a few other features that Portable FTP Rush comes with to ease your work. For instance, the application comes with configurable rules for managing existing files, as well as customizable filters, with support for regular expressions and masks. For your convenience, specific paths on the remote server can be bookmarked, which allows you to access frequently used directories with a few clicks.

Portable FTP Rush enables you to create an upload queue and displays information about the successful, failed or skipped transfers. It also features configurable settings for the maximum number of retries and the connection timeout.

A straightforward and portable FTP client 

The dual-pane GUI of Portable FTP Rush is quite frequent in FTP client, but it is easy to work with and allows one-click file management for both local folders and remote locations. Providing convenience and versatility, this FTP client can be used to back up files on an FTP server without a lot of hassle.

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