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Portable Freeplane 1.9.10 / 1.9.11 Prerelease 06 (GPLv2)

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Create mind maps and organize your ideas in an interactive manner, which encourages team work and is particularly useful for brainstorming sessions

This is the portable edition of Freeplane - a software program that you can use to create mind maps. It can be used for brainstorming sessions at work, for example.

Take your mindmap projects with you wherever you go

Since installation is not a prerequisite, you can just extract the program files to any location of the hard drive and run the executable file directly.

Otherwise, you can copy Freeplane to a portable storage unit (like a USB flash drive), and run it on any computer. Therefore, you can carry the app in your pocket whenever you're on the go.

More importantly, the Windows Registry section does not receive new updates, and no files are left behind on the hard drive after removing the tool.

Novice-accessible user interface

The interface of the app includes an intuitive layout where you can insert a multitude of elements into the mind map, such as a question or exclamation marks, stars (e.g. for ratings), light bulbs (e.g. for ideas), information signs, numbers, flags and smiley faces.

It is possible to create a new mind map from scratch by using a template. Freeplane supports multiple tabs, so you can work on multiple projects at the same time. Aside from building and editing nodes (with HTML support), you can change the map background color, apply a style (e.g. floating node, topic, root), add hyperlinks and images, password-protect the mind map, as well as export it to HTML, JPEG, XML, XLS, TXT or other formats.

Boasts a broad range of configuration options

In addition, you can view map statistics, save all open maps to file, use a search and replace function, minimize nodes, change the edge color, manage time, tasks and addons, as well as edit and run scripts. A wide range of configuration options are available through the Preferences screen. For instance, you can customize the appearance (e.g. status line, default colors, selection colors) and reconfigure keyboard shortcuts.

The comprehensive program requires a pretty high amount of CPU and system memory to work properly. It has a good response time and includes user documentation. No error dialogs have been shown throughout our tests and the app did not hang or crash. Thanks to its intuitive layout yet rich options, Freeplane should be able to please the entire audience.

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