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Portable Double Commander 1.0.0 Beta / 1.1.0 r9958 Snapshot (GPLv2)

2 years ago 106

Enables you to quickly manage multiple files at a time, by displaying the contents of your hard drive in two side-by-side panels

What's new in Portable Double Commander 1.1.0 r9958 Snapshot:

FIX: FTP modified files are stored with unchanged date (fixes #218) FIX: Elevation does not work under standard user account (fixes #217) FIX: FTP - use mbFileExists function and TFileStreamEx class (fixes #213) Update doublecmd.uk.po (#216)

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Portable Double Commander is a software application which helps you browse through your computer with great ease, as well as manage all your files and folders in a more efficient manner.

The advantages of a portable application

This is the portable version of Double Commander, meaning you are not required to install it on your computer. As a consequence, the Windows registry and Start menu/screen are not going to be affected by this tool.

Aside from that, you can use Portable Double Commander on any computer you have access to, by simply dropping the program files on a portable storage unit (e.g. USB flash drive) and clicking the executable.

Double-sided commander

All the HDD contents are going to be displayed in two side-by-side panels, which can be browsed independently. Items are shown in a list, with details such as name, extension, size, date and attributes.

The utility enables you to pack files in ZIP, LZMA, TAR, BZ2, TBZ, GZ or TGZ formats, by choosing the compression method and deflation option. It is also possible to password-protect these or create separate archives for each selected file.

A search function is incorporated, which lets you choose in which directory to look according to a keyword, as well as find text in a file. You can choose not to show as results files older than a user-input number of days or bigger than a particular size.

Feature-rich file commander for Windows

It is possible to split and combine files, open Command Prompt, add items to “Directory Hotlist”, change the program’s language and show or hide certain buttons.

With extensive Help contents, an intuitive interface and a feature-rich environment, Portable Double Commander proves to be a handy tool for people interested in managing the contents of their hard disks in a more efficient manner.

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