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Portable cdrtfe 1.5.9 (GPLv2)

11 months ago 22

Enables you to burn audio, video or data CDs and DVDs, as well as create ISO or CUE virtual images, with a user-friendly interface

What's new in Portable cdrtfe 1.5.9:

Updated some of the commandline tools: cdrtools 3.02a10 flac 1.3.3 lame 3.101 beta 2

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Portable cdrtfe is a software application which helps individuals burn DVDs and CDs with data, audio or video files, as well as create virtual images to and from discs.

This utility does not require installation, as it represents the portable counterpart of cdrtfe. This means you can copy the program files to a USB flash drive or other similar portable device, and use Portable cdrtfe on any computer you have access to.

In addition to that, you should keep in mind that the tool is not going to affect the Windows registry in any way, and there will be no leftover files upon its removal.

This piece of software is accessible to all types of users, as it integrates a classical file explorer and a tabbed view of all the options available. Aside from that, the discs writing speed is automatically detected, a space meter is incorporated and it is possible to abort burns at any point.

From the settings panel, you can force the app to memorize your settings, use tags or filenames when burning audio CDs, eject disc when actions are complete and automatically erase CD-RWs and DVD-RWs.

File lists or projects can be saved to the HDD as a CFP file format, so that you can finish burning the data at a later date.

CPU and memory usage is moderate to low, which is actually to be expected with this type of utility. Help contents are extensive and well-organized, while the interface supports multiple languages.

To sum up, Portable cdrtfe is a useful tool which helps you burn data, video and audio to discs, as well as erase the rewritable ones.

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