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Popup Tab Switcher 1.7.10 (Freeware)

11 months ago 31

Install this extension to rapidly change between tabs by using a specific key combination that will definitely make your life easier

What's new in Popup Tab Switcher 1.7.10:

Extension was breaking icons on sites that use SVG sprites (#52). There were errors in background script on each new tab opening (#50). The projects dependencies was updated to the latest versions and TypeScript strict mode was enabled (#47).

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Extensions that allow for easier navigation have gone up in popularity lately. This was to be expected, as increasing use of internet browsers and bigger and bigger workloads lead to the need for innovation in managing these specific new challenges. Popup Tab Switcher is one of these add-ons that allows one to make use of their numerous tabs in a much more organized manner.

Switch tabs reliably

The extension does exactly what it advertises: it switches tabs. You simply hit the preset key combination (Alt + Y) and you're faced with a popup that allows you to cycle through all your opened tabs. It's that easy. The number of tabs, the size of the popup, as well as the font it uses, are all elements that can be customized, as mentioned earlier.

Users are bound to be happy with it as it works flawlessly, something that will directly contribute to raised efficiency and productivity. Popup Tab Switcher is also small in size, meaning you won't feel its presence, nor will you feel it uses important resources on your machine. No matter how you look at it, the extension appears to be efficient.

Customization is the key

While there are many extensions that deal with this same concept, few are the ones that actually offer many customization options. With Popup Tab Switcher, one can change all sorts of aspects, beginning with the size of the popup, continuing with font-related options and ending with the elapsed time between the actual tab switching action. To top it off, there is a theme changer for the settings menu, created to fit with your browser's theme and integrate rather than stand out in an awkward way.

Popup Tab Switcher is an extension that, despite being based on a concept already taken and used, manages to bring enhancements and turns something not at all promising into a useful addition to your extension library. In many ways, it's a tab switching add-on with a plethora of added features, and this is exactly what makes it stand out amongst other similar pieces of software.

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