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Poppy Horror: Chapter One

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Updated on January 10, 2022

NamePackage NamePublisherCategoryMOD FeaturesVersionSizePriceRequires
Poppy Horror: Chapter One
ABI Global Publishing
Android 4.4

Poppy Horror: Chapter One APK takes you into a haunted abandoned toy factory. Do not let its bright, witty, childish colors deceive you! This game is as creepy as a horror puzzle game.

Introduce about Poppy Horror: Chapter One

Following the devil to the toy factory, what will you do to come back alive?


You are a retired toy factory employee. One day, you receive a letter with a short video in which a mischievous doll named Huggy invites you to come to the factory. The reason is clearly stated in the letter “Invite you to the factory. The company has been abandoned for 10 years and the employees have all disappeared. Do you want to come and try it out?” The devil leads the way, you accept the invitation and come to the old company.

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When you get there, you realize you’re entering a maze. And in there soon will appear a furry toy monster with a terrifying wide mouth waiting to eat you. You will have to run away, find all ways to escape here and find out the secret of what happened 10 years ago. Your only self-defense weapon is 2 red and blue toy hands with many magical powers. To know how the story goes, let’s play the game!


You will play as a person who got lost in a toy factory. This place has been abandoned for 10 years, and all the previous employees have mysteriously disappeared, leaving no trace. Then now you are here all because of a very weird-looking toy doll like Annabelle (its name is Huggy).

In the beginning, you’ll have to pass several small puzzles to collect a red hand, and then a blue hand. These two items are almost your only weapons in this adventure into the factory maze. Blue, Red hands have many strong abilities. With them in hand, you can do a lot of things that are normally not possible. They can be used to open doors, hack electrical systems, stretch endlessly to catch an item from afar…

Poppy Horror Chapter One APK download 1440x721

Your main task revolves around controlling these two hands and performing many tasks, solving a series of difficult puzzles that the game offers. Throughout the game are intense chases.

The game has just begun

Several levels pass. You think you can handle all those hairy monsters. Then suddenly you discover a hidden room. The Huggy doll, the one who invited you, is here. You open the cupboard to see what’s inside the doll (fool follows foolishness). You may also not expect that simple action can make the dark power that was blocked in this ghost doll rise. And again, everything is like starting from scratch. This time it is even more terrifying and brutal.

On the adventure of both stages, you will need to collect a lot of clues to uncover the factory’s 10 years ago secret. Match all these clues little by little, you will know the answer and find the way out of the haunted factory.

Graphics and sound

This game can be said to be a scam. Just kidding! The story is clearly a horror game with a hideous Huggy design. But going deep, you will notice the bright colors like in the children’s fair. Toy posters are all over the factory, some of the toys that were left behind for some reason 10 years later are still beautiful and running around (like the train running in the room next to the reception room). And then you realize those garish colors are just the most horrifying deception the game has ever produced. Behind those lovely movements or colorful scenes are a creepy secret and a terrifying chase in which you will be the victim.

Poppy Horror Chapter One for Android 1440x719

The sound is to complement the horror, equally creepy. Each sound resounds, sometimes heavy, sometimes silent, sometimes rushed, and the sound of toys from time to time resounds suddenly. Make sure you will have to startle quite a lot.

It is such contradictions that make Poppy Horror: Chapter One a drug of addiction. You just want to go to the end, finish this maze, find the damn doll, and handle it to see what awaits you at the end of the road. That urge makes Poppy Horror: Chapter One a fascinating game beyond imagination.

Download Poppy Horror: Chapter One APK for Android

Poppy Horror: Chapter One is a puzzle game full of horror elements, hidden in a colorful elegant appearance. The story is pretty good too. You can slowly explore the maze right now at this link.

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