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Updated on March 17, 2022

Polyfield MOD APK is a first-person shooter game set in World War II. In the game, players have the opportunity to experience team shooting on large-scale battlefields. Here you just focus on shooting only without any other distractions.

Introduce about Polyfield

Standard, fast shooter on the WW2 setting!


Polyfield has almost no specific plot. Sometimes you need to play a deep game with a deep story and many details. But that’s only when you have a lot of free time. As for normal times, a break between classes, a lunch break in the company, or just a short free time (for about half an hour) after a working day, you may often find some games that are quick and easy to solve without having to think much. And for me, Polyfield caught my eye immediately.

Polyfield is typical of a classic multiplayer shooter. Players are automatically assigned to one of two teams and together with their teammates kill the other side. You shoot an enemy; you get a flag as a kind of victory mark. The side that runs out of flags first loses.

In the process of shooting, you need to use the aiming box to kill enemies more accurately, especially those from afar. When you’re too close, just shoot at it quickly.

Because here you shoot in a team, Polyfield requires players to have quick shooting skills, quick manipulation on the battlefield to take action individually, and the ability to coordinate smoothly with their teammates, understand and make good use of the terrain to win together.

Although it is an instant shooter game, Polyfield has a set of operations that are neatly arranged on the screen: on the left is round-shaped navigation.

The special

Although there is no specific story, the entire background in the game almost closely follows the major battlefields from World War II. The landscape design is quite ok, the realism, in my opinion, is good. The difference of Polyfield from other shooting games is that all characters, weapons, and equipment in the game are made in the Minecraft style, a bit similar to Lego including square blocks connected.

The background is meticulous, the character-shaping and details are presented in blocks. Lurking somewhere is a slight contradiction: Two things that we thought would not match, but when put together cleverly, they turn out to be extremely good.

Although using a first-person perspective, the camera angles are very flexible. You can look above or below, look far or close, the game will automatically adjust according to the movements of your character. This is a clever element that gives the game a highly realistic simulation, like a person observing a real battlefield.

Below I summarize the features of this game for you to follow easily:

  • The game has many game modes: you can choose to shoot in the team or shoot the bot
  • In the flag game mode, you can be revived
  • It offers a lot of options for players to completely decide their experience: customize HUD, customize FPS, auto-sprint option, auto-fire by one-shot, ADS sensitivity, visibility Crosshair, tilt the joystick, let the camera move up and down to create realism when the character is moving

What is expected in the future?

For shooting enthusiasts, having this game on the device is like holding a slow-exploding bomb. Its concise gameplay design can make you addicted. However, after being addicted, I am still clear enough to see a few things and hope that the developer will have more improvement for it in the future.

Currently, this game only has one map on Google Play. The map is very large, the terrain is neat, but it is only one. Weapons have 4 items. They are good, but it would be much greater if there were more. Well, the highlight of Polyfield is absolutely no ads, guys. Playing shooting, no one wants ads. So, I appreciate this part very much.

MOD APK version of Polyfield

MOD feature

Unlimited Ammo


Increase when you fire.

Download Polyfield APK & MOD for Android

In a nutshell, Polyfield is a shooter full of beautiful, distinctive, and outstanding interface, loud sound, and a modern fast-paced style that’s perfect for playing a little bit every day. Hopefully, in the future, there will be more to explore even though it’s addicting enough now. 

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