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Poe Lurker 1.11.1 (MIT License)

2 years ago 70

A lightweight application that will improve the way you are trading in Path of Exile, providing you with an in-game overlay that lets you barter without having to minimize the game

What's new in Poe Lurker 1.11.1:

Bug Fixes: Fixed a bug that was causing the ItemParser to fail. Fixed a bug that was causing invalid build to be parsed.

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If you've just started  to play Path of Exile, you might have noticed by now that the game has an intricate trading system that some new users may find a bit hard to digest. There are websites purposely developed for PoE trade only, and they work fine, but using them requires you to always minimize the game when you need to check something up or perform a trade. This is where Poe Lurker comes in — providing you with an in-game overlay that should make the trading business easier and enjoyable.

Enhance the way you trade

Being able to trade without leaving the game is surely an advantage. Wondering how that's possible? Well, the app's overlay located above the experience bar will list the price you are going to receive for whatever item you have on sale. From there, you can accept the request, invite the buyer for the trade or whisper them about being busy or denying the trade.

The shortcuts for breaking the deal or sending the Busy message can be found in both corners of the game's screen. Furthermore, If you take a look at the Message category inside the tool's UI, you can notice that the messages are customizable. So, you can compose messages that will let your buyer know if you are busy, if the requested item was sold or send a thanks message for successful exchanges.

More options at your disposal

If you intend to have gaming sessions without being interrupted by the trade notifications, you can deactivate both the offer alert and the join hideout invitation. To do so, move over to the Notifications tab and switch the options off. As for the other tabs — if you are managing the trading animations, turn on/off a couple of item-related options, and manage the whispering system — maybe you can find them useful.

In conclusion

Poe Lurker is a simple utility that offers you an easy way of managing the PoE trading system. Besides the trade aspect, you can also set up notifications and whispers that, in the end, will contribute to the game's quality of life.

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