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Pocket Arcade Story DX

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November 17, 2021 (9 seconds ago)
Pocket Arcade Story DX
Kairosoft Co.,Ltd
Unlimited Money
Android 4.4

Have you ever admired the owner of a video game store like me in the past? If you want to experience what it’s like to be a video game store owner, let’s play Pocket Arcade Story DX MOD APK with me. 

Table of contents
  1. Introduce about Pocket Arcade Story DX
    1. The game machine shop owner, a popular character in many people’s childhood
    2. Gameplay
    3. Perhaps, the eternal pleasure of the video game store owners is to try out new games?
    4. Take control of financial matters
    5. Invest to expand your business
  2. MOD APK version of Pocket Arcade Story DX
    1. MOD feature
    2. Detail
  3. Download Pocket Arcade Story DX APK & MOD for Android

Introduce about Pocket Arcade Story DX

Is there anyone as versatile as the owner of the video game store?

When I was young, I used to come to a game store where I could compete with my friends on so many interesting games. And all little boys like us always wished we could have had our store like that to play freely all day all nights. And of course, we really admired the store owner at that great time.

We admired him not because he was handsome or he gave us glasses of ice from time to time, but because we didn’t understand why he dares to make a big investment in an internet shop like heaven for us like that. He must be someone who had an open mind, was progressive, and had the good luck to come up with such an expensive business. 

Then a few decades later, the boy suddenly remembered the old nostalgia and the feeling of respect when he was a child. It is when he encountered a game called Pocket Arcade Story DX where the player can play as a video game store owner. And so many memories come back.

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Pocket Arcade Story DX will help you transform into the owner of an arcade machine shop. This owner is probably still young, so in addition to operating, managing, and taking care of his video game store, he also freely plays all the games on the machine.

Now you can already imagine the volume and variety of jobs that the small boss has to struggle with? You will be the boss, the helper, the guard, the treasurer, the cashier, the inventory control, the operator, the designer, the technical staff, the food and beverage service provider, the photography booth manager, and the game tester.

Wow, that’s a lot. Things are not as simple as your childhood memories. To have a grandiose video game store like that, you would lose sweat and tears, not leisurely. I realized that behind the appealing look of the store owner I remember, it was a series of unspeakable chores.

Playing Pocket Arcade Story DX, you will understand that few professions are as versatile but exciting as owning a video game store in the old days.

Perhaps, the eternal pleasure of the video game store owners is to try out new games?

Any reason for that pleasure is fine. Liking, addiction, experimenting, trying to understand customers, testing games, etc. But one thing is for sure, every video game store owner must know about the game he has and must know how to handle some difficult situations when playing. So that when those destructive kids have any trouble, the owners could help.

As a video game store owner, you will be allowed to freely play all kinds of games you have. From racing games, dancing games, shooting games, and… even crepe selling games… you are free to play, no limit on time or turns. But everything must have a pause. Since you are the owner, serving the customers must be a top priority, not playing games.

Take control of financial matters

The core of this game is still BALANCE. Balancing revenue and expenses, balancing depreciation and repairs, balancing time-consuming miscellaneous work, and overarching management. If you always maintain a balance between the factors, you will go even further in your work. And vice versa.

At a higher level, once you’ve developed a huge, popular video game store that’s known and trusted by the kids in the area, you can even organize your own exciting arcade Tournaments with all sorts of game themes. It is to attract more people to come and play while promoting your fame to other neighborhoods and showing off the charm of the high-quality machines available at the store.

Or you can expand to other support services such as instant photography service for children to take selfies with their achievements, food service on the spot, shuttle service, etc. Hundreds of things to exploit and bring in extra revenue for the video game store.

When all services are done well and customers are constantly satisfied, you will have a reputation and revenue. And from there, many more attractive new profits.

Invest to expand your business

With more and more money idle, there comes a time when you have to think about bigger investments. Like hiring more hard-working staff, replacing a series of new machines, updating your machines to be more modern, hiring management staff… Making the video game store bigger and up-to-date is what you need to do for every latter stage of the game.

The pinnacle of your e-shop’s growth and success is your boldest investment decision: Create your own new games. Compete for the top game rankings with games from other manufacturers and create your customers for this unique product.

You see, owning a video game store is not easy. I agree that Pocket Arcade Story DX is a bit exaggerated, especially when you can create your own game in a game. But all the previous jobs are exactly what a true owner would have to do. By playing this game, you will learn a lot. It’s true that when we make a plan come true, it is never simple at all. Every job is sweat and tears.

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