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Plex Media Server / PlexPass (Freemium)

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Upload media content to a media center to stream movies, TV shows, music, photos and home videos from a web interface to other users

What's new in Plex Media Server PlexPass:

NEW: (Synology) Improve install wizard messaging and ‘Plex’ share detection (Synology) Remove log file redirection option from installer

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Plex Media Server facilitates a simple solution for uploading local media files and streaming it online, thus creating a media server that can be accessed by you and your friends to enjoy movies, TV shows, music, photos and home videos, regardless of your location worldwide. All of this can be achieved from a web interface.

Accessibility via the system tray

After a quick and uneventful setup procedure, Plex Media Server creates an icon in the taskbar notifications at startup, thus allowing you to rapidly bring up the web interface and manage media content, regardless of the workspace you're currently working in.

Not mentioned in the installer is that the tool automatically starts at Windows boot, and this option can be disabled from the tray icon's context menu.

Attractive web interface

It may take a while for the media manager to load in the web browser. As far as looks goes, Plex Media Server is sleek and sophisticated, thanks to a dark theme and intuitively displayed buttons.

So, you can add a new library by selecting its type between movies, TV shows, music, photos and home videos, along with library name and language. It is possible to include folders with the containing media files, as well as to customize advanced settings in regard to the scanner and agent. The content can be optionally included in the dashboard.

Manage library content easily

It is possible to sort items by various criteria, edit general information such as year, tagline, genre and collection, add posters, banners and backgrounds, play media within the browser, put together a playlist with multiple media files and randomize them, synchronize library content to the local files, use a search location to locate a particular file, as well as track all activity performed you and other users with access to the media library.

Evaluation and conclusion

No error dialogs were shown in our testing, and the program did not hang or crash. It has minimal impact on computer performance, thanks to the fact that it runs on low CPU and memory. However, it sometimes takes a long while to load media. Other than that, Plex Media Server features an impressive set of intuitive features for all users who want to easily stream their local media files to a media center.

Plex Media Server Video Guide

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LIMITATIONS IN THE UNREGISTERED VERSIONPlex Pass required to use sync, add users to your home, view trailers and other extras, upload content from your mobile devices, use Gracenote Music Magic PLEX PASS (PREMIUM LICENSE): Early Access to new Plex features Access to preview release versions of the Plex Media Server and other Apps before they’re released generally. Enjoy an app for free. The mobile Plex apps (Android, iOS, Windows, and Windows Phone) are free. Premium features like Mobile Sync, Cloud Sync, and Camera Upload. Premium music libraries: Take your music experience to eleven! Enjoy better artwork and artist bios, album reviews, improved matching, lyrics from LyricFind, and more. Plex Home: Managed users, fast user switching, fine-grained sharing restrictions - parental controls and a whole lot more. Trailers & Extras: Automatically gather high-quality movie trailers, interviews, and extras for movies in your Library. Access to dedicated Plex Pass forums where you can ask the Plex Ninjas questions as well as vote up new feature requests. A way to show your direct support for Plex. And more!

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