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Playlist Downloader 1.9.3 (GPLv2)

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Create a playlist of YouTube videos, and download the resulting media files at once with this simple and effective application, avoiding complicated processes

Playlist Downloader is one application amongst dozens that promise users an easy-to-handle tool for grabbing YouTube videos from the internet. The name is a tad misleading, seeing as you can't download YouTube playlists. You'll have to create them in the app, and then download the resulting collection of media files. In other words, this is just a simple batch downloader.

Simple interface, but not basic

The idea with such tools is that functionality always prevails. In turn, this literally means that there is no focus on the beauty of the app. Very often we see tools that are atrociously-looking but highly efficient. With Playlist Downloader, this is not the case. While there really is nothing to surprise or amaze you, the interface does look minimalist, integrating perfectly with the rest of the Windows 10 UI. All the functions are clearly labeled and positioned neatly within the app window.

Highly efficient, fast, and helpful

When it comes to functionality, the application does not seem to disappoint at all. After you add your media file links, one by one, the app will list them, thus creating a playlist. Hit the Download button, and a submenu will pop up showing the percentage of download completion for each individual file.

The more powerful your CPU, the more downloads you can run at once. Users can adjust the output folder as well as check the log for any discrepancies or issues with the app itself. It's also worth mentioning that Playlist Downloader is also based on youtube-dl, as we've come to expect with most YouTube video-grabbing software.

Playlist Downloader is an example of a simple application, unimaginative even, but which manages to offer a solid experience, without hitches. While there are other alternatives, this program here can satisfy all your YouTube downloading needs in a highly efficient manner, which frankly, is all that should matter.

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