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Pirates Outlaws

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Pirates Outlaws
Fabled Game
Unlimited Money
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Android 5.0

Pirates Outlaws MOD APK is about a treasure hunt adventure of pirates. The strange ocean ice journey in here will leave you with many memorable echoes.

Table of contents
  1. Introduce about Pirates Outlaws
    1. Background
    2. Endless treasure hunt
    3. A card game that combines roguelike with an impressive gameplay
    4. Graphics and sound
  2. MOD APK version of Pirates Outlaws
    1. MOD feature
    2. Note
  3. Download Pirates Outlaws APK & MOD for Android

Introduce about Pirates Outlaws

Conquer dangerous seas and become king of the ocean!


Pirates Outlaws is the story of a talented, adventurous pirate captain. The main character, you, will constantly recruit different pirate members. Each character has its own ability. The big goal of the group is to travel around the seas to hunt for rare treasures and valuable items. Make your pirate crew famous and you will be a young, talented, richest pirate in the sea.

Endless treasure hunt

The “generation” of pirates in Pirates Outlaws is pretty weird. They are not just people but can be any animal, even monsters. They all have one thing in common: never staying in one place, always moving through different oceans in search of treasures.

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To achieve the goal of moving from different seas, you must have a map and specific destinations marked at each level. Your first task is to invest a good amount of money to own a good ship to go. Once you get there, you’ll start fighting a bunch of enemies and follow the treasure hunt process mentioned above.

During the game, you can freely combine cards to form the most beneficial combos for you in each battle. The most important trick is that you have to understand the benefits of each card, build and combine them in your way, the more unpredictable, the better the surprise. Thus, when going to battle, the new enemy could not anticipate your move. The rest is to manage the deck at hand and gain the upper hand in the turn-based battles that lie ahead.

A card game that combines roguelike with an impressive gameplay

In the game, the pirate corporation always moves from one island to another. The journey to battle, earn points and find treasures doesn’t stop, but in each place, each terrain, the adventure is completely new and full of changes. After going all the way around the island, going through all the challenges in life, in the final destination of each island, you will encounter a boss. It is a notorious pirate, scheming and cunning, who also holds the island’s most valuable treasure. Just defeat him, you will have in hand all the gold treasures of the island.

Pirates Outlaws for Android

Players will be able to choose 1 of 15 available captain characters. Each captain will have different special abilities and have their own card system. Pirates Outlaws offers more than 510 different types of cards. Interesting plot, many battles in many different islands, but the rules of the game are also very clear. In total, Pirates Outlaws has 50 bosses and more than 100 evil pirates. Each name has its forte, strength, and characteristics. But before you can fight with each boss, you will have to overcome many strong henchmen. Fortunately, you always have guns and some other weapons to fight with them. In important scenes, there is also the opportunity to own some special abilities such as Ice Breaking skills, climbing walls…

But unfortunately, there are few items for free. Most things are bought with money. But when you’ve won, you’ll get well-deserved loot and a bunch of valuable experience points including gold coins, priceless treasures, and a bunch of newly unlocked cards.

There are 10 islands located on 3 different seas for you to freely explore and deploy your mighty army. On it are more than 150 relics and 17 great treasures. During the journey of discovery, the levels and challenges, events happen randomly, never the same. It brings the feeling of relaxation, always novelty needed for a mobile game, and keeps the gameplay in a challenging and intense state. The reward of each game is also well. Not just about having great treasures, admiring their magnificence is also a great achievement for a pirate boss. But always be careful, because, with just one wrong move, you will have to conquer the island from the beginning.

Pirates Outlaws APK download

In the journey of discovery, you can realize that the levels in the game are formed in an extremely random way and no turn is the same as the other. At the same time, the events on the adventure are also arranged in the most suitable way to stretch the plot to the right rhythm, helping players to better grasp it.

Graphics and sound

The drawings in Pirates Outlaws have a strong impression. Just color patches with the classic block animation style, but strangely, the actions of the characters during combat are very rhythmic. Each pirate character, whether you are in control or on the opposing side, has its own appearance, even the costumes, physique, appearance, and fighting skills are also different. If you play the game a lot, you will know that the more detailed the graphics, the easier it is to create, but with a cube-like this, it is really a challenge to create so many characters of our side and the enemy’s diverse side.

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