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Updated on March 30, 2022

Pirate War APK is a turn-based combat role-playing game with sharp anime-style 3D graphics. Take the pirate theme, but the appearance and fighting style of the pirates in Pirate War is very beautiful. Pirate War is a game worth experiencing if you love anime graphics about pirates.

Introduce about Pirate War

A very different world of pirates in an anime-style 3D turn-based combat RPG!


Pirate War is set in a fierce battle between pirate factions on the vast Grand Line sea. In which the player wholeheartedly pursues alliances with other gangs to fight together with the remaining pirates and hunt for precious treasures sinking in the Grand Line sea.

The most powerful pirate army in the sea

All battles in Pirate War are turn-based. You will have 100 different characters to choose from, combining the characters to your liking to form your own pirate crew. By taking advantage of the special affinity of specific companions, you can create a powerful squad that is unique to you.

But there is always a certain rivalry between allies. That is the inherent characteristic of all pirate crews. Competing for a hidden treasure in the GrandLine will often be the reason for your allies to switch from cooperation to attack. You must always be wary of situations involving private interests.

Attack together and combine attacks

Once you have your ideal pirate gang, you can choose one of two ways to fight to deal with stronger enemies:

  • Joint attack: all up, attack at the same time deploy many different attacks to focus the power to deal one final blow to the enemy
  • Combined attack: the battlefield situation is always changing rapidly. You need to constantly change the way you attack to fit the situation. The strong attacks of each individual in the pirate gang taking place in turn on the turn-based world of the game will allow you to better observe the strengths and weaknesses of each person. From there, there is a better development plan for the group’s strength in the future.

The secret to live battles is to execute Combo Attacks in duels. This way you can “exploit” the power of the enemy quickly, and be more active in the fight.

Leading the Pirates

Go on gang raids and fight bosses with your customizable pirate crew. However, in a gang, there is always a need for order and a leader. You will need to show your tactical skills on the battlefield with rare combat power, to gradually climb to the dominant position of the whole gang.

Continue to lead your pirate crew against other pirate crews, do not stop at occupying a small area, a dock, or finding a treasure. The higher task is to conquer the territories in the GrandLine and become the strongest and richest pirate crew on all seas.

Pirate-style graphics but it’s all anime

A very strange point, which is also the first thing that attracted me to play Pirate War is the concept of the visuals in this game. To be honest, I don’t have to play through too many pirate-themed games, but ever since the Caribbean, I’ve always had the notion that Pirates have to be bearded, must be bold, and have to look like some shaggy. Who would have thought in Pirate War, everything was different. It seems that pirates are just an excuse to fight, win territory, or steal the treasure. The rest, the appearance to the context of the game is quite “romantic”. All the characters come out from mainstream anime: there is a red-haired pirate with waist-length hair that is always fluttering in battle, there is a white-haired man with a scholarly face and quite ancient costumes.

The background is played for cool names like Long Ring Adventure, Growth Road, Dessert Cargo, Dial Challenge, Gold Trials, Super Rookie Brawl, but the scenes are very shimmering, brilliant, different from other Pirates games.

Download Pirate War APK for Android

In short, Pirate War is a fairly brief pirate game, with a focus on powerful gang building and turn-based combat. The shape is a bit strange compared to the general concept but also quite attractive. Let’s download and explore this amazing game right away!

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