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Pikmin Bloom

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November 4, 2021 (4 mins ago)
Pikmin Bloom
Niantic, Inc.
Android 5.0

Pikmin Bloom APK is a purely entertaining game from the publisher Niantic Inc. It is merely a minigame that supports the player’s walking. But it’s really addictive because of its pure cuteness.

Table of contents
  1. Introduce about Pikmin Bloom
    1. Walking with Pikmin
    2. Flowers bloom under your feet
    3. Accompanying the cute Pikmins
    4. AR connects games and real life
  2. Download Pikmin Bloom APK for Android

Introduce about Pikmin Bloom

Let flowers bloom under your feet!

Anyone who has ever played Super Smash Bros on Nintendo can’t forget a strange hero named Olimar whose face is boring. He wears an astronaut hat, swings a glowing antenna on his head, and is always around little colorful creatures called Pikmin.

And if you love these adorable little Pikmins, you can now witness and accompany them in this Pikmin Bloom mobile game.

Walking with Pikmin

Walking alone is quite boring. Many people choose to listen to music or a favorite sound on the road. But if you want to do something a little different, you can play this Pikmin Bloom game.

Well, the first reason I played this game is that these Pikmins are so cute. Playing Pikmin Bloom, you will motivate yourself with a daily walk. A bunch of adorable Pikmins will follow your every step on the walk to the perfect body.

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Well, that’s when you reach a certain peak in this game. And to get there, you have to go from scratch: plant and take care of these adorable Pikmin botanicals. That means planting small ones and walking a decent distance.

The more you walk (while opening the game), the more Pikmins you will grow. Wait for them to grow up a bit then send them on expeditions to collect interesting items. That expedition is your next hike.

Flowers bloom under your feet

Let’s look at the name of the game: “Pikmin Bloom”. What’s special about “Bloom”? It is what makes many people fall in love when playing this brilliant little game. When you have enough Pikmin to walk with, under Pikmin’s magic, every step you take will bloom a series of colorful flowers.

And yet, you can interact with these giant colorful flowers. Change colors by feeding Pikmin with nectar or give each flower a new look by plucking the petals that grow from Pikmin’s head. It’s like being turned into a flower fairy. Up to a higher level, when you have collected all kinds of flowers with many different beautiful colors, every time you wake up, stretch your shoulders, you will leave behind shimmering pollen trails like the swish of a God chopstick.

Accompanying the cute Pikmins

Talk a little more about the main character Pikmin. We have a total of 7 types of Pikmin. Each species has its own characteristics, shapes, colors, and abilities. The way you grow, raise, and nurture them must also be correspondingly different. Some can fly, some have magical powers. The process of growing and nurturing Pikmin will create a bridge of friendship between you and these little creatures-plants. When the friendship bridge reaches a certain level, Pikmin will find a way to bring you a gift (item) of some value depending on their characteristics.

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In addition to the dream destination such as walking with lovely Pikmin friends dancing around or becoming a ‘Fairy flower’ in the future, Pikmin Bloom is still a true game. You will be challenged, put in difficult situations that must be solved thoroughly before you can enjoy the dreamlike results. You will have to find ways to protect your Pikmin juniors or accompany them to overcome challenges. The most typical is the handling of unpleasant or blocking mushrooms. Players can directly destroy them to get more fruit for Pikmin or send some of their mighty Pikmin to fight.

AR connects games and real life

In short, whatever, the highest task in the whole game is of course none other than Walking. The more you go, the more interesting things you will get. Not only will you get an increasingly crowded Pikmins with flowers blooming under your feet, and lovely gifts, but you also get great health through walking. And to motivate the spirit of sportsmanship, Pikmin Bloom will count your accumulated steps and send out a Summary of achievements at the end of each day.

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For more motivation to walk with Pikmin, there is also the function of taking pictures as postcards to save memorable images of the journey, taking notes on the routes, and sharing walking achievements with friends on social networks. There are also monthly Community Day events where you’ll meet lots of other players and join in a variety of fun activities like walking, farming, and walking races.

Referring to AR games, you cannot ignore Pokemon GO.

Download Pikmin Bloom APK for Android

Will a typical mobile game for the increasingly developed AR technology usher in a new era where people and mobile games become one? This question is too big and probably no one can answer. Just know that the experience of Pikmin Bloom is countless. It is very very enjoyable. Life takes on a new color and walks are now much more poetic. That’s enough for now, isn’t it?

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