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Photo to PDF
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There are many situations when you will need a tool to convert image files to PDF files to secure, print, and open on any device without any formatting errors or missing details. And a useful application like Photo to PDF MOD APK can do that for you.

Table of contentsIntroduce about Photo to PDFWhy do you need to convert images to PDF?Why?What is Photo to PDF?What can this app can help you?MOD APK version of Photo to PDFMOD featureThe list of Premium featuresDownload Photo to PDF APK & MOD for Android

Introduce about Photo to PDF

Convert your images to PDF anytime!

Why do you need to convert images to PDF?

The PDF file is a very classic format, but to this day, it is still a useful “tool” as an intermediary for printing, design, editing, and security.


When printing documents, printing a file in PDF format will be the safest way to ensure that the design files are presented exactly like the original. Because the PDF standard will keep the same file on all computers and input and output devices. A PDF file saves all the data including font, position, and outline so the files will open the same on any computer. Other file types, including PSD, DOC, CAD, CDR, and PUB do not store all such data, so when the files are transferred printing in different devices, the files may not be the same.

As for the reasons why you can’t print to the original file or have a series of incompatibilities, it may be because different versions of the same program can cause the same file to be different, Missing Fonts error so it cannot be displayed, or Missing plugins may make files unopenable. Now exporting the image file to PDF before printing also helps prevent mistakes, avoids editing by others before printing, and ensures that your files look the same on every computer.

Converting JPG to PDF also helps you to reduce image file size without affecting image quality. And yet, it also supports linking multiple images in a single PDF file, making sharing faster and easier.

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Whether you’re using Windows 10, Mac, Chrome OS, Android, Windows Phone, iPad, or Windows XP – for any software and hardware, PDFs are just right. The information such as fonts, images, charts in the PDF is not dependent on the device of the creator or the viewer.

In addition, PDF files allow for fine-tuning security settings. When creating a PDF file, you can turn off the viewer’s ability to print, leave comments, or copy text. Or vice versa, the owner can open the editability to freely adjust when needed. Even if needed, the owner of a PDF file can create an extra layer of security with a password or fingerprint to completely protect the content inside.

In general, converting images to PDF files will only be beneficial. Especially the security stage and protect the identity with the original file whether used on any device or operating system.

But to convert an image file to a PDF file, you will need an application that specializes in doing this, like Photo to PDF.

What is Photo to PDF?

Photo to PDF is a tool to help you convert image files to PDF files easily and quickly.

What can this app can help you?

The first is to take a photo of the document directly to the camera feature available in the application, Then this image file quickly converts to a PDF file, with just one touch. You can also combine multiple images to create a multi-page PDF file. Any task only takes one or two touches to complete.

In the process of converting images into PDF files, you can freely adjust the image vertically or horizontally. The PDF file after the creation has all the selected images, according to the initial settings the user chooses. With any original image, the details from the lines and colors are kept the same quality and resolution on the PDF file. From here, you are free to share to different sources, print, and email safely and effectively.

For each PDF file created, the application will always create a backup copy on the device folder. So that when you need to review it, without having to open Photo to PDF, you can still view it normally with your device browser.

The interface of Photo to PDF is very friendly. Plain color background, simple font easy to see. And you just need to look through the function buttons that can be used, it’s very simple, and no need to go through many steps. That means converting files to PDF will be done quickly and neatly, anyone can do it, even if you are low-tech.

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