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Updated on October 14, 2022

You only need to download the MOD APK (Free Shopping) version of Penguin Isle to easily grow the island, collect many different species of penguins and create an ideal habitat for them.

Game introduction: Penguin Isle

Welcome to the world of adorable penguins. This is where you will be able to see and take care of funny penguins. Penguin Isle is a completely new idle simulation game that brings a lot of excitement to the players. It can be said that raising pets has long been a hobby of many people in the world. They are like a friend, a family member. However many people do not have the conditions or time to take care of their pets. But with Penguin Isle, you can keep cute penguins for just a few minutes a day.

Welcome to Antarctica

Playing Penguin Isle, the player is taken to cold Antarctica with the white color of snow and frost. This seemingly lifeless place is home to some animals such as polar bears, water seal,… and including penguins. At a glance, we can see the cuteness and even the stupidity of this flightless bird. A clumsy gait with a fat body, penguins from the beginning will make you love them. I bet you can spend hours just playing with penguins or watching them.

However, playing with penguins is only a small activity in Penguin’s Isle. Your main task is to turn Antarctica, the home of penguins, into a paradise in its own right. That means there are many penguins, patches of fog, gardens… The special thing is that the penguins themselves will create this splendid place, not you.

Penguin village

You are floating on a large iceberg in the middle of the sea, where only a few penguins are your friends. But only after a while accumulating gold coins to buy new penguins, you will realize you already have a large population of penguins. The interesting point is that each bird possesses skills and can undertake different jobs. For example, you meet fishermen, flower farmers, construction workers or babysitters looking after baby penguins, etc. And all these characters can be seen in the images of cute and funny penguins.

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Penguins Isle Gameplay 1024x2048
Penguins Isle Penguins world 1024x2048

However, for the work of these “workers” to be effective and perfect, you must create a vast environment. In addition, you also need to help the penguins use the resources in a reasonable and effective way. All serve the ultimate purpose of building a beautiful and ideal life in this cold land.

Build the dream Antarctica

To build a paradise on the sea or also known as the “dream Antarctica”, your mission is extremely important. Like other idle games, Penguin Isle players just need to touch the screen, manage each work area and coordinate the production and development of the penguins. The resources that hard penguins create are an important source to help build a wonderful life on the island. And you have to help these birds use resources such as trees, flowers or buildings, … in a reasonable way.

The penguins have a cute and goofy appearance but really they are very diligent. Even when you exit the game, resources are always being created. The more the higher penguins bring more resources you have. After that, you just need to build a world of penguins. Watching the industrious penguins work in an ideal and romantic place is truly unprecedented experience. This is a little something warm taking out from this most desolate and cold place.

Graphics and sound

Penguin Isle creates a gentle and peaceful space for players. With the gentle, simple image of a large icy region creating beautiful scenery. It is not difficult to encounter cute and lovely creatures such as snow rabbits, bears, otters, … and especially funny penguins. Besides, the sound element is created very melodious and quiet bringing serenity and warmth. Thanks to that, this game is very suitable for playing after tired working hours or before going to bed to have beautiful dreams.

MOD APK version of Penguin Isle

MOD feature

Free Shopping: You can upgrade and unlock even your money = 0.

Penguin Isle free shopping mod min 1024x910

Download Penguin Isle MOD APK for Android

It can be said that Penguin Isle doesn’t just stop at a simple idle simulation game. It is from that simplicity and peace that reminds us of current life. When the environment is polluted, the climate is changing, the ice at the poles melts and the habitats of species like penguins are threatened. Therefore, from the love for penguins, we are highly aware of the responsibility of humans in protecting the habitat of animals. Not only penguins but also all species living on Earth, including humans.

Through this, we see the great humanity meaning from a seemingly simple game. Let’s build a beautiful life for penguins with Penguin Isle!

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