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pdfMachine 15.61 (Demo)

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Effortlessly create, save, manage and send multiple PDFs with the help of this easy to work with and streamlined software solution

What's new in pdfMachine 15.61:

Type 3 fonts display and text capture fixes. Improved zooming and scrolling in edit mode, support ctrl +/- Fixed 'fetch' error issue that some users got with chrome and edge extensions.

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Everything seems to be moving digitally. Working with PDF files has become a commonality of our days. Users can fill in their information on the dotted lines, add in the date of submission, as well as stamp and sign the respective document to validate — all on a file on their computer, able to be relayed by e-mail.

Using a digital signature and stamp is where things may get tricky, especially if you are uninitiated in the workings of PDF files. There are lots of apps to fit that purpose, and pdfMachine is one of them: sign, stamp, and e-mail the documents, by way of a singular app.

Helpful features

Upon booting the app, one may notice that its layout is not busy in the slightest. You can load in your PDF files, and the app will display them. Upon electing to edit them, the "Bookmarks" feature is useful for noting down the important bits in the document. Associating a mail client with the software will allow the user to send an e-mail directly with the attachment, all in the name of convenience.

To further help with that, users can additionally prepare their PDFs for printing through the "Options" menu by improving its clarity. Under the same menu, the N-Up feature is present, granting the ability to shrink multiple pages into one. This is particularly useful when you want to print something and include more information on a single page.

More tools

Also useful are the options under the "Tools" menu: users can attach multiple PDFs, as well as sign and stamp each of them. More than that, you can also upload a document with the help of the app, allowing other people to digitally sign it by accessing the page to input their approval.

In conclusion, pdfMachine is a competent software solution to consider if you're working with PDFs. Its digital stamp and sign features are noteworthy, and the ability to directly e-mail documents is also quite nice.

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