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PDF-XChange PRO SDK 9.2.358.0 (Demo)

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Build applications that provide end users with the possibility to generate, view, and convert their Portable Document Format (PDF) files with the help of this SDK

What's new in PDF-XChange PRO SDK 9.2.358.0:

Fixed an issue with incorrectly generated JPEG streams that caused "Out of memory" errors in Acrobat.

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Note: Please note that as of 12th March 2021, this SDK product is no longer available to purchase, and maintenance agreements/product updates for it are expected to cease at the end of 2022.

PDF-XChange PRO SDK is a powerful application development tool designed to provide developers with the possibility to create applications capable of creating Adobe compatible PDF (Portable Document Format) files.

With the help of this solution, developers can create programs that allow their users to create reports and other type of documents that are an alternative to printing to paper. Moreover, it comes with support for a broad range of development languages, including Clarion For Windows, C/C++, Delphi, ASP, Visual Basic, VB.Net, and more.

The software development kit includes a set of four different tools, thus allowing application builders to create programs that can create, view and manipulate PDF files. The utilities contained in the package are:

· PDF-XChange Drivers API, which includes a comprehensive set of Windows Print drivers so that applications created with this SDK can run on a multitude of Windows iterations.

· PDF-Tools SDK, which delivers access to the entire range of PDF-Tools SDK library DLL functions, such as Low-Level API, AcroForm Creation, and Digital Signature.

· PDF-Viewer PRO SDK, meant to provide developers with the possibility to integrate their applications with PDF viewing functions and designed with support for multiple PDF specifications.

· PDF-X OCR SDK Module, a newly included tool, designed with support for transforming image-based PDFs to text PDF files, thus allowing users to search for desired content within their documents.

Limitations in the unregistered version

Any test documents will have a demo watermark placed on every page of any PDF created or modified with the evaluation version

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