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PDF-XChange Pro 9.2.358.0 (Demo)

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Modify and create PDF files from multiple supported image and document formats with this intuitive and comprehensive software solution

What's new in PDF-XChange Pro 9.2.358.0:

Fixed an issue with incorrectly generated JPEG streams that caused "Out of memory" errors in Acrobat.

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PDF-XChange Pro is not an application, but rather a suite comprising three of the most relevant PDF utilities developed by the respective company. PDF-Tools, PDF-XChange Printer Standard, and PDF-XChange Editor are deployed together to cover anyone's needs regarding the manaegment of PDF files, no matter the task at hand. Also, bundled software is known to be a bit softer on your wallet, resulting in a better financial outcome than independently acquiring each program.

PDF Tools

A simple name for what's maybe the most complex toolbox around. If you want to add watermarks, crop, merge pages, export form data, compress images, export PDF to spreadsheets, PPTX, or DOCX, along with many other features that make this application the juggernaut it is, you’re on the right track.

To display all tools in one window, select the All Tools entry from the Categories pane. Click a tool to access specific information and tweak and personalize that even more.

PDF-XChange Editor

An alternative PDF viewer/editor that can replace Adobe's Acrobat Reader. Besides viewing, this tool can help one with singing and certifying documents, rasterizing and annotating pages. Creating new PDF files from scanned documents or image files is also a possibility, along with opening MS Office documents.

PDF-XChange Printer Standard

Also going by the name Office to PDF, this third and final part of the suite is nothing but a virtual printer. Handy for converting MS Office files as well as AutoCAD or any other similar format to the standard PDF. It shares some similarities with the other two tools, but that's because they were all developed as standalone programs.


The PDF-XChange Pro suite is a powerful pack of tools that offer its user complete control over their PDF documents. There is no trade-off when it comes to adopting a suite over smaller apps that offer the same but hand-picked features, especially if you don't mind spending some money for an all-around PDF kit.

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