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PAW Patrol Rescue World

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Updated on January 1, 2022 (5 mins ago)

PAW Patrol Rescue World MOD APK is a learning-by-playing game for kids under 12 years old. Read this sharing to soon download it for your children to play at home!

Introduce about PAW Patrol Rescue World

Explore Adventure Bay like never before!

Have you ever watched the cartoon Paw Patrol with the adorable Dog squads? Now on mobile and tablet, there is a game to learn and play with these cute puppies as the main characters: PAW Patrol Rescue World. This is a game designed specifically for children under 12 years old in the style of entertainment, healthy and pure education.

Meeting familiar friends

The task of children is very simple. They will accompany the Rescue Dog Squad to adventure around in the beautiful world of Adventure Bay to do a lot of interesting little tasks.

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You know, the rescue dog squad in cartoons has always been loved by children all over the world not only because of its beautiful, gentle, cheerful images, a variety of diverse jobs with all kinds of topics in each episode but also because the appearance of the Rescue Dog is too petty. Children can find harmony, feel the mischievous and gentle features of animated dogs. And now, they will once again see their favorite characters in a game like Chase, Skye, Marshall, Zuma, and Rocky. The feeling of being able to control those characters and accompanying them everywhere and finding a way to complete the task must be said to be extremely fun. If you can control Superman or Batman or some other idol model, you will feel happy too, right? 

Learn many useful things

As a playing-by-learning game, PAW Patrol Rescue World gives children interesting lessons about the world around them, even things that they have not had the opportunity to experience in real life. In the role of controlling the Four-legged Squads, children will take turns listening and being placed in different situations.  They can meet interesting characters, show up on time, be ready to help other friends, and solve problems. In the process of handling those incidents with the Rescue Dog Squad, children will learn many useful life skills for themselves.

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Even more interesting is when children will slowly discover that each rescue dog in the squad has a unique skill and means. Children will slowly experiment on their own and choose an option of a vehicle or a rescue dog that is suitable for each situation and task.

There are many rescue missions in PAW Patrol Rescue World. For adults, these jobs are as small as the tip of their fingers, not equal to the most ordinary mini-game. But with children, to solve each problem, they have to make a lot of effort. Think, brainstorm, choose, decide, manipulate, conduct, and complete tasks. This process will help young minds stay active and become more flexible over time.

The richness in tasks is also a motivation for children to think and explore more to take advantage of the power of each rescue dog. This job requires a lot of thought and investigation, which can form a habit of contemplation, observing reality better for children later.

Controls in PAW Patrol Rescue World are simple, parents do not need to worry about their children not being able to manage. The combination of many operations at the same time to accomplish the desired thing will help children be more agile and resourceful. Their observation can also develop from there.

When completing the task, the children will receive many attractive rewards. This is a great motivator for them. It’s also what makes children feel more engaged with the game and explore more of the tasks later on.

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The more missions you complete, the more opportunities you have to unlock unique areas in Adventure Bay. Each new zone has different colors, terrain, side characters, and missions. The excitement never stops spreading.

Game mode

For children’s multi-level challenge needs, PAW Patrol Rescue World offers a variety of game modes:

  • Hero Missions: children will control the Rescue Dog, choose the right dog breed to help the people in the bay, and collect many interesting rewards for their cute dogs.
  • Rescue: rescue the people in difficult situations in the bay and receive valuable thank-you gifts.
  • Pup Treats: children will focus on finding hidden objects or lost items around the bay.

Corresponding to each game scene, each mode will offer many different tasks. But they all have one thing in common: fun, easy to play, easy to complete, and learn some lessons. Like fishing, finding a lost kitten, making a snowman, finding food that was forgotten somewhere, rescuing a baby doll that was dropped along the road, dressing an injured baby bird… The meaning of humanity, Animal love, caring sharing, and problem recognition… is all that your child will learn from this small yet profound game.

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